Desarae Dee & Macklyn Highlight Self-Love in “Comfortable”

Gracing us once again with her versatile, explorative, and soulful tunes is multi-instrumentalist and producer Desarae Dee with her latest serene single, "Comfortable (feat. Macklyn)."

The natural-born leader and innovator is often referred to as "Toronto's Queen of Vibes," and each of her skilled r&b/electronic pieces perfectly backs up that statement. Dee is universally recognized as a fusion pianist with music that combines a unique mixture of faith, soul, vulnerability, divine balance, and her unmatched euphoria.

Now releasing her soothing new single, "Comfortable (feat. Macklyn)," the song captures Desarae Dee's blissful sonic elegance while vocalist Macklyn drenches us in euphoric and passionate vibes. Dee hopes this single will remind listeners to be okay with who they are and make time to heal and love themselves better.

Jumping into the sweet new tune, "Comfortable (feat. Macklyn)," we're greeted with a nostalgic and spacey synth alongside crisp hi-hats that set the introspective and passionate r&b tone. As Macklyn's gentle and melodic vocals make their way in, he softly touches on feeling stronger and more comfortable when taking time for himself.

Time and again, Desarae Dee leaves us wildly impressed with her ability to fuse genres like r&b, soul, electronic, and jazz into one cohesive song, and this piece is no exception.

The Toronto-based fusion artist sonically serenades us with graceful piano melodies to balance out the electronic to organic ratio while sending us off into a harmonious and mindful daydream. This song is truly the perfect remedy for anyone struggling with pessimistic thoughts by amplifying the importance of loving and treating ourselves how we deserve.

Remind yourself of your value with help from Desarae Dee and Macklyn's lush new single, "Comfortable (feat. Macklyn)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Desarae Dee. What have you been up to since your last feature with us?

Man, I've been up to A LOT since my last release with BUZZMUSICLA. After my previous song, "Day 2 Day," I ended 2021 with over 120,000 streams between Spotify and Apple Music across all 7 of my song releases that year. Throughout 2021, I received five radio placements in the US and the UK for 4 of my songs, which is an amazing feeling for me. I was also featured in Wandering Autumn Magazine for their BIPOC Series and was the LOOK Magazine cover in December 2021. I've also been working behind the scenes for a company called RADIOPUSHERS. In January of this year, I was named their Digital Operations Director, and most recently, I became the official host of the Toronto Rising Podcast as the company is now branching out into Canada. So, a lot of exciting things have happened, and I'm grateful for all the accomplishments and new journeys that I'm currently on.

What inspired the recent soothing and empowering single, "Comfortable (feat. Macklyn)?"

My current self-care and healing journey inspired my new song, "Comfortable." The pandemic really forced me to address my triggers and childhood traumas and start to heal from them, and music has always been one of my sources of healing. Throughout my life, I struggled at times to be okay with where I was in my life and also struggled with codependency and trying to be everything for everyone and neglecting myself in the process of that. I had to take back all the energy and love that poured into others and put it back into myself.

Why did you choose to have a featured vocalist on "Comfortable (feat. Macklyn)," and how did Macklyn fit what you were looking for?

At first, I wasn't going to have a featured vocalist on this song because I wasn't sure of the direction I would take with it, as I had written this song almost two years ago. Once my journey of self-care and healing became the focus, I had a direction, and what a better way to tell a bit of my story than through a featured vocalist. I met Macklyn in 2021, and we had a few opportunities to collaborate on social media. We both knew that at some point, we wanted to put out music together. When I came to him about this song in particular and my vision for it, he was totally on board, and actually, his current healing journey resonated with my vision which made it even easier to put this song together.

What was your mission with the release of "Comfortable (feat. Macklyn)?" What did you want to get across to listeners?

My vision for "Comfortable" was to remind listeners to be okay with who they are and where they're at in life because they're constantly learning, growing, and changing, and it's important to love and take better care of themselves. The goal is to remind people how fearfully and wonderfully made they are and that it's okay to not be okay sometimes because we all go through things in life, and it's important to recognize and be aware of those things so that we can continue to grow and learn and pour love into ourselves.

What's next for you?

What's next? A question I'm asked a lot, but what's next is a project…..finally after six years. I'll be releasing my EP, "Self," which will give listeners a snippet of my self-care journey so far. I will also be releasing a documentary alongside the project. Stay tuned for announcements on both release dates!