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Destxny Sweeps Us Off Our Feet Into a "Sea of Trees"

Hailing from New Jersey, the pop/r&b artist and singer-songwriter Destxny releases an exhilarating and haunting single entitled "Sea of Trees."

Known for merging and blending various styles and sounds, Destxny always promises to leave listeners on their toes, expecting the unexpected. With an innate drive to transmute her life experiences into music, listeners are bound to feel a sense of relatability to Destxny's versatile music and lyrics.

Currently releasing her hazy and wavy single, "Sea of Trees," Destxny delves into more of a passionate and dreamy pop/r&b state through her fluid sonics and charming vocal portrayal. As she sweetens our speakers with incredibly poetic lyricism, Destxny makes it hard to look away from something so pure, inviting, and alluring.

Hitting play on the single, "Sea of Trees," the venture begins with samples of rain hitting a window alongside hazy synths and soft keyboard melodies. As Destxny's heavenly vocals make their way in, she delves into a poetic and powerful lyrical theme of standing her ground and surrounding herself with people, places, and things that bring out the best version of herself.

The production in this song is remarkably tight and clean, especially around the bouncy hook, as Destxny's soothing vocals are met with a demonic and low-pitched vocal that evens out the high and low end perfectly. Steering away from fake love, new drugs, and anything that will hinder her experience on this plane, Destxny closes the song with incredible passion and power, leaving us in awe of the entire listening experience.

Stay up high in the ethereal "Sea of Trees" with help from Destxny's lush single, now available to dream with on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Destxny. We're completely infatuated with the modern tones and dreamy feel of your latest single, "Sea of Trees." What inspired you to create this meaningful single?

I was sitting in my room one night and decided to produce a quick beat on GarageBand. Once I started recording, I flowed through the verse, not paying attention to the words, but instead how I felt. I was inspired by what it might feel like to walk through a sea of trees. I imagined the feeling of not feeling at all; just simply living amongst a pure environment.

We've noticed that your lyricism within "Sea of Trees" is incredibly poetic. Did you find it easy to transmute your thoughts into lyrics when writing this single? Did you face any personal challenges along the way?

I find writing music is the best form of interpreting my inner world. There were a lot of emotions I felt during the culmination of "Sea of Trees." This was the beginning of my move into music. I felt nervous and excited. I knew this move would follow huge shifts in my life; new people, new situations, and new challenges. I reminded myself to stay true to who I am and never change for anyone/thing.

Did you have any help creating and executing the production for "Sea of Trees?" What did you want your audience to feel after listening to the entire song?

My brother (@remvmber.when) and engineer (@hellcatpriime) co-produced this single. All of my music has been made by them so far. Working with those two encourages me to do the damn thing every time. I got a lot to prove to the big dogs, haha. I wanted my audience to feel like going out and living their best lives after listening to the song. Living the life they choose, doing the things they love. Sometimes we get caught up in living a life that isn't our own. We live to please others, and it can cause so much internal damage.

We mentioned that "Sea of Trees" resides under the pop/r&b realm, but we want to hear from you if this is a reoccurring sound for you? Would you say that you usually lean towards pop/r&b? Or do you often switch up your sound and approaches?

I'd say I am trying my best to not stick to one sound. I don't want to put myself in a box and make the same songs over and over again. I've been diving into new genres like punk and house, and I can't wait to show everyone how versatile I can be.

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

My favorite release of the year from an independent artist I admire is a song called "Oh Sh!t" by 7evin7ins. It makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs every time I listen to it. And I do, all the f*cking time. He's another amazing artist from NJ who's on the come-up!


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