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Detroit Rock Band Reckless Revival Is Feeling “Pretty Reckless”

Formed in 2018 in metro Detroit, a city with a rich musical legacy, Reckless Revival consists of members Vince Lauro (guitar/vocals), Nick Grassi, (bass/vocals), Shawn “Lurch” McDade (guitar), and Jeremy Andary (drums). Together, they are part of the “revival” of the great city of Detroit, drawing  influences from some of the city’s musical greats. Reckless Revival is unapologetic and authentically pays tribute to the rock n roll noise of the past, while adding on their own flare. 

“Pretty Reckless” is the namesake for Reckless Revival’s 5-track EP that nods to classic rock and real rock n roll. With soul crushing guitar and a hard-hitting vocals, “Pretty Reckless” establishes an explosive and unforgettable theme for the EP”. This track promotes a feeling of togetherness through the high energy feeling of the music. More spectacular music breaks layered with smoky rhythms and tight grooves. Powerhouse collective Reckless Revival has us  hooked on “Pretty Reckless”. The honesty, soul, and raw energy that goes into this song is easily heard through the speakers. Reckless Revival has outdone themselves with their flawless delivery and undeniably chemistry. The ups and downs of “Pretty Reckless” lead into a truly impressive guitar solo to wrap up the catchy hit. With elements of classic rock mixed with contemporary rhythms and a powerful sound, “Pretty Reckless” comes to conclusion. Reckless Revivalis able to relate to their listeners on so many levels. Whether that’s through music or their spectacular lyricism, the curate unforgettable and timeless classics. 

Check out “Pretty Reckless” here and keep scrolling for more with Reckless Revival.

Hey Reckless Revival! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourselves to us? How did Reckless Revival form?

Reckless Revival is a rock band from Detroit, Michigan formed by Vince Lauro (vocals/guitar), Nick Grassi (vocals/bass), Shawn McDade (guitar), and Jeremy Andary (drums). Each of the members were a part of a past musical project that came to an end. They reunited under the name Reckless Revival, and set out to share their brand of Rock N’ Roll with the world.

What are the lyrics in “Pretty Reckless” about? What do you hope your listeners take away from this track?

The song “Pretty Reckless” was written about playing hard after working hard all week long. We hope that the song will inspire people to crank it up, leave their worries behind, and have a good time.

What’s the overall theme of your EP, “Pretty Reckless?

The overall theme of our EP “Pretty Reckless” is the ups and downs of life, and the experiences gained along the way. 

What’s next for Reckless Revival?

Reckless Revival is currently playing shows in the Metro Detroit area, sharing our music with everyone we can. A full-length album is in the near future, with more shows to follow. 

How do you feed your passion for making music everyday?

Our passion for making music is fed by our vast array of musical influences and the experiences in our everyday lives.


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