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Deuce Mayne Is Kinda “Nervous”

Maurice Turner Jr., aka Deuce Mayne, was born in Jackson, Mississippi and has made quite a name for himself in the rap scene.

The talented artist, now residing in Phoenix, Arizona, initially found his footing in music to cope with life's challenges. After losing his father and struggling to fit in at school, Deuce Mayne discovered his passion for rapping and has been sharing his gift with the world ever since. With hits like "Another Homicide (GMIX)" featuring Young Buck of G-Unit, Deuce has proven that he's not to be overlooked.

The release of his single "Nervous," featuring Futuristic, showcases Deuce Mayne's evolution as an artist. The music video begins with a nostalgic close-up of a jukebox, setting the tone for a trip down the cozy lane. As the camera cuts, we're taken to a minimalist, all-white room where Deuce, his girl, and Futuristic catch vibes to the song.

Throughout the video, Deuce Mayne's charisma shines as he interacts with his girl as they share charming moments, even posing for photos in one scene. The intimate scenes with his girl in a 50's style diner also provide a glimpse into the softer side of the Deuce, demonstrating his versatility as an artist. These intimate moments are skillfully intercut with energetic shots of Deuce and his futuristic going in with the smooth bars, creating a balance between vulnerability and bravado.

Futuristic's appearance in the red room adds another layer to the video's visual tone. The striking contrast between the cool, laid-back atmosphere of Deuce's scenes and the fiery intensity of Futuristic's performance enhances the song's dynamic energy. This clever juxtaposition of colour and mood highlights the unique chemistry between the two artists, elevating the entire project.

Additionally, the video's editing plays a significant role in capturing the song's essence. The seamless transitions between Deuce's and Futuristic's scenes add a sense of fluidity to the narrative, underscoring the collaboration's synergy. The video's pacing keeps viewers engaged from start to finish, ensuring that "Nervous" remains a memorable visual experience.

"Nervous" is a fun, witty, and visually vibrant music video highlighting Deuce Mayne's growth as an artist. It showcases his rap skills and his ability to connect with his audience through storytelling. The collaboration with Futuristic only adds to the track's appeal, making "Nervous" a song you'll want to have on repeat.

Get cozy with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Deuce Mayne! Congrats on another hitter with the visual for “Nervous,” where you've managed to create a seamless blend of nostalgia and a modern vibe. What inspired you to choose the retro theme, and how do you feel it contributed to the song's overall vibe?

I have an old soul. I was born and raised in Mississippi, the birthplace of American music & the Blues. I've always been interested in and love old-school music because I grew up around it all my life. The instrumental reminded me of the old days when I was composing this song. I feel like the visual was perfect for the overall song because that was the feel and vibe of the song. It (the visual), in a way, helps reinforce this song's overall retro feel. The collaboration with Futuristic on "Nervous" is smooth and effortless. Can you share your experience working with him and how the idea to feature him in the song came about?

Futuristic is a great talent; it was great working with him and experiencing his work ethic firsthand. I feel Futuristic, and I have very diverse styles of rapping. He has always had a somewhat retro identity to his music, and the song seemed perfect for him, so I reached out to see if he would be interested in the collaboration. Like always, he did not disappoint. His verse is classic. The music video for "Nervous" showcases a range of emotions, from vulnerability to confidence. How do you relate these feelings to your experiences, and was it challenging to express them on camera?

I recently lost my fiance to Covid19, which was very emotional for me. When making the video, I, in a way, just let go and let all of my emotions out, so it was a natural feeling to do the video shoot. I was nervous around another woman other than my fiance for the first time in 5 years. So it kind of all worked out in seeing the finishing project. In "Nervous," there is a strong emphasis on visual storytelling, particularly through colour and contrast. How involved were you in the creative process for the music video, and what were your favourite elements to bring to life?

Fat Belly Filmz shoots the majority of my music videos. I have a great relationship with my videographers, and we have a couple of projects we have collaborated on. In this video, I told them the direction I wanted to go in and let them do a lot of creative thinking. We could shoot the entire video in Futuristic's production studio, which was big, too, as far as using the spaces to create a visual that matches the song's feel. With the future success of "Nervous" and your previous work, what can fans expect from you? Are there any upcoming collaborations, new music, or unique visual concepts you're particularly excited to share with your audience?

I am, of course, working harder now than ever. This is only the beginning; expect to hear new music and visuals. I plan to collaborate with more artists of different genres in the near future. I have an album (You Only Live Once Y.O.L.O.) in the works and plan to release it around the end of summer. Fans should be confident that there will be more good music to come.


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