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Devastating Diva Gigi Rich Just Needs “One Night”

Born Gianna Richelle Salvato, the fiery redhead now known as Gigi Rich, grew up in New Jersey. At 8 years old, Gigi Rich discovered Alicia Keys’ album and was instantly fascinated with the idea that she could play the piano and use her love of poetry to write music, and bring it all to life with her voice. he wrote her first song at age 13, which went to the top of the Songwriter’s Circle charts and stayed there for several months.While her lyrics are influenced through personal experiences, her music style is influenced by iconic artists such as James Brown, Amy Winehouse, Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys. She is currently nearing completion of her next EP which she is “super excited” about. Gigi goes on to explain "Its been a time of tremendous growth for me. Over the past couple of years I’ve been discovering myself in my music. Writing is cathartic for me - and essential in processing the experiences I encounter in life."

“One Night” a groovy, sultry piece from Gigi Rich that we’re jamming out to on repeat. Performed confidently, the seductive bass-line sound keeps things crisp and fresh. Each verse lays out a tad more detail, never too much so as to ruin the laid-back charm of the music, and always things resolve slowly but surely back to the slightly fuller sound of that hook. “One Night” presents a calming, classic jazz ambiance and a romantic sense of togetherness as it gently pours through. Featuring a generally well-arranged instrumental set-up, the track is quick to excite the listener and creates a level of nostalgia with the seductive tones of yesteryear. 

I highly recommend you check out “One Night” here, and keep scrolling to read more with Gigi Rich!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Gigi Rich! What prompted you to first start recording your music?

Music has been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember. It began when I started playing the piano and writing little haikus. It naturally progressed into songwriting, and when I was around 12 years old started writing my own music. I was lucky enough to be introduced to people who took me under their wing and believed in me at such a young age. Music has always been a source of solace for me. The fact that I can pursue a career in something that makes me so happy has been a huge motivator for me!

How do you get started when writing a new song?

It can happen in so many different ways. Lately for me, it’s just building off of a tag line, or title writing as some may call it. Often I record a little voice memo of a melody into my phone. It may start with a chord progression on keys. There are so many possibilities! I only write about personal topics - so  whatever may be happening to me in that moment is what I’ll be writing about.

“One Night” offers a mellow groove and a notably delicate ambiance that lets the song’s story-line stand out quite distinctly. How did you come to write this song, and what does it mean to you?

Thank you! That is exactly the vibe I was attempting to create. I actually wrote this song because I was feeling a bit stuck and wanted to try something new, take a risk. Just forget about everything for a bit. I need some routine and structure in my life but at the same time, it can drive me crazy after a while. So I took the concept of One Night and ran with it.

Who or what would you say inspires you the most to pursue and put your time and passion into music?

It’s my way of release! A part of who I am at this stage in my career and my life. I can’t really imagine myself doing anything else. Music is not something I ever need to take a break from, it’s just engrained in me - part of me. It's  natural for me, even at the low points to try and make sense of what I’m feeling through writing or singing. Even if it doesn’t turn into anything I am happy with, it's cathartic and keeps me on track. 

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on a new EP. I feel like I’ve really come into my own in terms of sound and this project will show more of that. I’m embracing what comes naturally to me. I’m also playing a bunch of shows around the LA area!  I am really excited about what lies ahead. 


Don't forget to check out Gigi's socials below in order to connect further with the artist!

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