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Devon Leaves It All Behind With, "Never Mind"

NYC based singer/songwriter Devon releases a contemplative and moving track titled, "Never Mind." Being inspired by artists/acts across the alternative genre like Sara Bareilles, The 1975, and HAIM, Devon found herself desiring to create music that emphasizes self-love and self-discovery. Writing and producing music by herself, Devon's recent single "Never Mind" highlights the theme of self-discovery after enduring a troubled relationship.

She's also released a clever lyric video where Devon scribbles away in her notebook and ends up tearing out the page, indicating that she'd like to start a new. With beautiful vocals and soft alternative instrumentals, Devon has truly outdone herself with this inspiring single.

"Never Mind" begins with mellow and calming instrumentals, while Devon's breathy vocals make an appearance in the distance. While she starts powerfully singing about a past relationship, the themes she portrays about love and life allow the listener to examine what's not serving them anymore. A mid-tempo inspirational tune that channels nothing but power, Devon creates a warm atmosphere with each breath while motivating others to keep their light shining even through the toughest of times. The instrumentation pushes the song towards this driving urge to start fresh while getting lost in the heartfelt melodies.

Discover "Never Mind" here.

There seems to be a lengthy background between you and this person you sing about on "Never Mind." How did your dynamic with each other lead you to creating this inspiring single?

For sure - interactions with significant people in my life influence all of my songs, and “Never Mind” is no exception. “Never Mind” is really about communication though. It’s about talking vs being heard, and it’s about how communication can’t really happen until everyone involved is ready for it to happen. But done honestly, it has the power to change everything :)

We love the unique and organic lyric video for "Never Mind." How did you come up with the concept for the single's lyric video?

Thank you! I’m a big fan of simple, captivating, one-take videos - HAIM’s music video for “Want You Back” and LANY’s video for “Super Far” are two of my favorites. And then of course there are all of OK Go’s legendary videos. The lyric video for “Never Mind” was my first experience filming and editing on my own, so I embraced the DIY nature of it and just had fun doodling, attempting to give new life to each lyric. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying it!

We've heard that you tend to create music about self-love and self-discovery. How does "Never Mind" reflect this statement?

My songs are the results of my thinking through my thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions. After a lot of thinking, I’ve realized that there are a ton of different things about myself and about how I go through life that I appreciate. My hope is that my music might inspire people to dig a little deeper into their own thoughts and feelings and realize that there’s some pretty awesome stuff there for themselves too. Through “Never Mind” in particular, I hope that people realize that they can love themselves for how much effort they put into a relationship. No matter how the situation plays out, I love people who try, and I hope that those people love that aspect of themselves too.

We've noticed that you've been releasing music for quite some time now. How have you seen your music change or evolve since your first few releases?


From the beginning, I’ve always been a singer-songwriter. I write on either guitar or piano, find the words that I need to say, and then build from there. A few lyricists who particularly inspire me are Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), Sara Bareilles, Sam Melo (Rainbow Kitten Surprise), and Joni Mitchell. But I self-produce everything, and from a production perspective, I feel like my sound has evolved from project to project. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of The 1975 and HAIM, so I’ve been experimenting with more synth sounds on new songs like “Never Mind.”

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

New music! My next single “Want to Know” is coming out on August 21st with another fun, simple, *hopefully captivating* one-take music video (link to pre-save the song here). Both "Never Mind" and "Want to Know" are a part of a larger EP called Sitting Up Straight, which will be coming this fall. This project has been an awesome experience for me in learning to be a more experimental lyricist/producer, to be less precious with song structure, to be more trusting of what feels good (and what doesn't), to sit up straight, and to take up space. It was also my first exploration into soundscaping and creating my own little sonic world where nothing that anyone said could reach me. It is my pleasure to welcome everyone into that world now, as well as rejoin reality myself with a slightly new perspective!


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