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“Devote It To You” By Mason Blu Will Have You Yearning for That Special Someone

February 18, 2020

By: Isabella W.

Mason Blu is a pop/R&B artist, producer and writer just released a new single called “Devote It To You”, which is now available on all major streaming platforms. Mason Blu discovered his passion and talent for music at a young age as he finished as a finalist in X-Factor Bulgaria at the age of 15. Soon after, he signed his first record deal and began performing at tours for companies including Coca-Cola. 

Mason Blu collaborated with artist Alyssah to create their single “Devote It To You.” The song is slower-paced and highlights the soulful aspect of R&B. It has an electronic backtrack with a trap-like beat, leaving room for Mason’s vocals to take the spotlight. He has a smooth voice that is uniquely high-pitched. Mason Blu expresses desire and yearning as he sings about a love interest. He brings attention to relatable struggles and pressures of life, and how this person is what helps him get through it all. He repeats the phrase “I’m devoted to you” many times throughout the song. “Devote It To You” is a typical romantic song about how one special person allows us to be our true selves in their presence. In the first few lines, Mason Blu will have you thinking about the special someone you may be devoted to.

Listen to "Devote It To You" here.

We loved the romantic, selfless tone of your song "Devote It To You". Could you tell us what inspired you to write and deliver this message?

We wrote 'Devote It To You' back in 2016 with a fellow-songwriter. The song was initially aimed for a competition we badly wanted to take part in and we sort of abandoned the song after that. Although we wrote it a long time ago I felt super connected with the song as it reflected my relationship with my girlfriend at the time, who by the way got super jealous when she heard the song, asking me all sorts of questions about my relationship with the female songwriter I wrote it with. She certainly inspired tons of other songs, haha.

You found your love for music at a very young age, can you tell us how your music style has evolved over time?

I started in music when I was only 3. This is the story my parents told me. We have gone to a concert with my grandma to see an artist she has been a fan of at the time. I have been quite behaved at the start of the gig, listening intently and holding onto my nana's hand. But there has been this impulsive moment when I have let go of her hand and went onto the stage with a group of other kids, super randomly... I have bowed down after each song and the pinnacle has been when the artist has gone down to the audience. Not only have I admired what they have been doing, but I have also done the same and have grabbed them by the hand and started waving at people. This is how it all started...

My musical tastes are very pop-oriented. This is the music I was nurtured with, the music I have sung and danced in my childhood. Later on, when I turned 10 and started singing solo I was introduced to do the different musical genres that I gradually started incorporating later on in my music. I started writing and producing at the age of 16 and this is where it all kinda started changing for me music-wise when I started becoming more 'colorful' in my writing approach. I would start exploring different emotions in music and it (the songwriting) would not let me go. I would write, scratch, write, scratch and so on.

We know you are inspired by many artists including The Weeknd, Halsey, Beyonce and Stevie Wonder. Can you tell us how they influence the music you create?

They are undoubtedly some of my biggest inspirations in music and in life. It is really complex how I get inspired as I listen to music very analytically. I would listen to how they have recorded a certain verse or how they have shaped the melody of a chorus or simply what instruments they have used in their top record at the time. It may sound bizarre to some people, but literally anything could inspire you, even cooking chicken strips (which I absolutely adore).

We were happy to have you here on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about your future plans as an artist, and what we can expect to hear from you next? I am constantly working on new music and it is how I want my life to be. Having recently released 'Devote It To You' makes me even more excited about the songs I have got coming up. The next one I am releasing on the 11th of February is 'wild kissers'. It is written and produced by me and I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone. There is going to be plenty of music in the following months.

I am also working on a live show, part of the Isle of Wight New Blood competition in which I am participating as a quarter-finalist. The show is on the 27th of February at The Underbelly Hoxton.



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