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Diah the Poet Embodies Confidence in New Release “Purple Smoke”

Obediah Oleghe is an artist, rapper and singer-songwriter who creates his music under the name Diah the Poet. Having lived in Nigeria, England and Canada, Diah the Poet brings a variety of cultural influences in his music. He is known for his ability to flow between genres including Afro-pop, rap, grime, and trap. He recently released the new track “Purple Smoke,” with artists Timixzy and Menace, which falls very clearly into the rap genre. The backtrack includes a light plucking of strings combined with a trap style beat. Unlike some rap songs, the chorus includes a catchy melody that you’ll be playing in your head long after you hear the song. An English accent is prominent during two verses which gives the rappers diverse sounds. This switch between the different rappers is refreshing and provides the song with its originality. “Purple Smoke” mostly glorifies a lavish and party-filled lifestyle as the artists flaunt their wealth. Each rapper occasionally adds a sound effect in the background of the song in a style comparable to the Migos. Diah the Poet has created the perfect song for a night out or just feeling good about yourself in general! “Purple Smoke” should be a go-to for anyone looking to feel confident and self-assured. We look forward to hearing more songs from these unique voices!

Listen to “Purple Smoke” here.


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