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Diamond Blacc Hits Us With a Sonic Sledgehammer in a New Single, "OUT"

Crashing his way through the independent music industry by way of Philadelphia, PA, the songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop artist Diamond Blacc releases a bouncy new single entitled "OUT."

Striving to uplift, empower, and inspire his audience through his music, Diamond Blacc (Kelvin Bloodsaw) creates music that holds a mirror up to his life experiences. Adding a spicy and fresh flavor to the evolving hip-hop scene, you've only seen the beginning of what Diamond Blacc has in store.

Jumping into the fire of his new single, "OUT," new listeners are able to introduce themselves to the relentless and dominant stylings of Diamond Blacc via this bouncy and booming release. As he rides the intense hip-hop beat with ferociousness and confidence, Diamond Blacc and his rhythmic bars keep us locked in and engaged to the electrifying journey that is "OUT."

Diving into "OUT," the track opens with an intense and upbeat synth melody that quickly drops into the heated hip-hop beat with powerful drum breaks and a melodic undertone. As Diamond Blacc makes his way in, he takes the track by storm as he drenches us in his confident bars that set the song's dominant and powerful tone.

As Diamond Blacc continues his fiery performance, he leaves us in awe of his catchy bars that chant like an influential hip-hop anthem. Not to mention his innate talent and lyrical abilities, Diamond Blacc grooves his way to the fiery outro while keeping our ears locked on his exciting and stimulating vocal performance.

Bop your head to Diamond Blacc's anthemic single, "OUT," now available to get down with on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Diamond Blacc. What a powerful and exhilarating listening experience you've delivered with your latest hit, "OUT." When did you begin finding inspiration and writing bars for this track?

"OUT" is a song that has been growing within me my entire life. "OUT" is the truest and most authentic piece I have created to date. It is a culmination of my life and its past, present, and future. The song is a direct extension of who I am as a person. "OUT" is the story of my presence. I am an artist who accepts himself flaws and all, an artist with a past, and an artist who encourages others to be their truest and most authentic self. I wrote this song back in January in just a few hours. I had a sick beat pack I purchased from Progression Music last November. The boldness of this beat was undeniable and I knew it would be the perfect match for the lyrics I was ready to deliver. By the time I got to record the song in February, I was working out of a new studio and sending my vocals to a producer in LA. I remember getting the song back and truly being blown away. "OUT" has been the catalyst for my career thus far.

Did you produce the hefty and dominant sonics within "OUT?" How did you create the sonic atmosphere to match the confident and upbeat feel of your lyrical performance?

All production credit must be given to my good friend Dave and my mixing engineer Anton out in LA. When I'm recording vocals with Dave, he really helps me attain the necessary tone, pitch, and energy of my vocals while were recording. Anton is a phenomenal engineer who mixes my songs with the "sauce of the gods"! I could not have created the song without them.

Was there a specific message or concept you wanted to convey with your heated bars in "OUT?" What did you want your audience to take away from your performance?

In the song, my lyrics "It's a blessing that I'm here, I thank the Lord, you know I shout! Love yourself, respect yourself, you are a star so do not doubt" is the most important message in my song. While the song has bold lyrics and direct references to people and situations I had to overcome, my gratitude to have the opportunity to express myself and remind others that they have a right to shine bright is the core of the song. I want people to know that in "OUT" I'm celebrating a triumph, I'm advocating for self-love, and I'm encouraging others to do the same for themselves! "It's a celebration of self and an ode to pride!

How do songs like "OUT" represent the future of hip-hop and where you plan to take your career? Should we expect you to continue this dominant and stimulating approach with your future tunes?

You can expect great things from Diamond Blacc. I will continue to advocate for the freedom of self and expression. I believe it is truly the dawn of a new day and the world is filled with diverse talent that should be heard, appreciated, and respected. Diversity is on the rise in music and this is certainly apparent in hip hop. We're seeing more performers, collaborations, and genre-breaking music than ever. "OUT" is a prime example of present hip hop and foreshadows its future which will continue to be more inclusive of people from all walks of life.

What's next for you?

I am grindingggggggg right now! HAHAHAHHHAHAAH! Diamond Blacc is on the map! More music! More interviews! More Features! More Visuals! More Content! I will continue to strive for excellence as an artist and a person and my music will be a reflection of my evolution.


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