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Diary Is Unapologetic About Putting Anyone In The “Friend Zone "

Shambria Moss is a talented singer, rapper, songwriter and recording artist from Augusta, Georgia. Better known for her professional name Diary, she’s been making waves with her single “Friend Zone” in a big way. Currently employed with the US Army, Diary began recording music just last year. With plenty of relevant content up her sleeves and no signs of slowing down, this gifted artist Diary proves her expansive knowledge through relatable rhymes and dope tracks. Stay on the lookout! 

Diary’s well known hit “Friend Zone” is currently bumping on repeat. Her confidence and overall attitude is what sets her apart in the hip-hop world today. The hard-hitting intro has “Friend Zone” off to an alluring start, when that beat drops and Diary starts spitting bars we’re blown away. Her verses are polished beyond her years and her flow is incomparable. Diary has been fine tuning her craft for many years and the melody throughout “Friend Zone” highlights her undeniable talent. The lyricism and hard hitting one liners are evidence of Diary’s creative mind. Rap icon and fan favorite, Diary knows exactly what her listeners want to hear. “Friend Zone” is a dope track that anyone can rock to and spreads a confident vibe. Her melancholic approach to her performance is another quality that sets her apart in today’s music industry. Putting herself on the map in a big way and authentic to the core, Diary is a name to be remembered. With so much success and experience already, we can’t wait to see where she goes!

Check out “Friend Zone” here and read more with Diary below! 

Hey Diary! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? How did you get started making music?

My name is Shambria Moss. I grew up in Dublin & around Atlanta, GA. I moved to Augusta when I was 10 years old, that's where I begin writing music. I've been around music all of my life & I'm in love with it. It took me a while to figure out who I was for myself, & once I did, I got into the studio & started recording.

What’s the Hip-hop scene like in Augusta?

I'm not too familiar w the hip hop scene in Augusta, but there are a few local artist I've seen around there. 

We love the track “Friend Zone”!  What inspired you to write it?

There were personal experiences that I went through because I had so many male friends. Their girlfriends used to text me from their phones or their dms trying to start conflict or simply questioning our friendship

What would be your dream collaboration?

There are many, but I would love to work with Ariana Grande. I just love her. 

What’s next for you? We’d love to hear more!

I'm releasing my 2nd EP "Born Ready" on August 12th. I have a lot more music on the way. There's a lot of talent I have locked away to show the world in due time. 


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