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Dice B Released The Well Seasoned Hit, “Opiniatre”

Since the late 1980s, Dice B has been one of the mainstays of the Montreal hip-hop scene. With many accomplishments throughout the years, Dice B’s career has proved to be a substantial one. Dice B has collaborated since its beginning actively with other artists from different musical spheres. This helped Dice B attain a wide variety of musical knowledge which will help him with his career.

Dice B spices it up with his single titled “Opiniatre”. This playfully brilliant single had an interesting cultural element to it that seasoned the mood for us. “Opiniatre” has an actual deep context behind the lyricism. Despite the lyrics being sung in a language other than English, if you can’t understand the song, you can still find a translated version of the record! And once you realize how the lyrics are so meaningful, you will find a new overwhelming love for Dice B and “Opiniatre”. A song that hints the theme of a multitude of flawed characters and situations we deal with in our everyday lives. “Opiniatre” remains substantial alongside profoundly entertaining due to the colorful and vibrant energy Dice B delivers. A soaring melody that will have you feeling on cloud nine, “Opiniatre” is a song that doesn’t shy away from attracting a large audience and mainstream crowd. We absolutely loved this song, and we’re anticipating what’s next from Dice B.

Listen to "Opiniatre" here and get to know more about Dice B below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Dice B! Tell us about your journey so far. What has been the most monumental moment in your career?

First of all thank you for having me there has been plenty of highlights in my career. I had the opportunity to write for successful Montreal and Canadian artist I also had a few of my songs do very well on commercial radio but nothing compares to having a random person comes and tell me how much I inspire them , that’s the best .

In what ways are you and your music influenced by your environment?

My music is all about my environment because I am a product of my environment I am affected by what happens around me and to me therefore I can do nothing else but to reflect that reality . I’ll just do it in a creative way not everyone has that chance.

Let’s talk about this single titled “Opiniatre.” what’s the main theme behind this song?

Opiniâtre is a French word it means having opinions being opinionated. I talk about what I know and I understand at the same time I try to motivate the listener to get up and keep on moving.

What inspired you to write “Opiniatre”?

Opiniâtre came to me after speaking with people around me talking to some of my friends,fans and listeners. Some are in prison and in different facilities after comparing what they were going through to my life I realized that everybody is looking for a way to keep moving to be motivated and I also let the music speak to me I let the music dictate where the song is going to go.

Any exciting summer plans Dice B?

Well having this interview this opportunity is an exciting thing already but we are also working on a few big shows and events. we have a couple more music videos to release and then the album “Le Saut de L’ange” is coming out. I don’t have the official date yet my record label is still debating that loll. Thank you very much for having me.



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