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Dici Haunts the Evening With His Reflective Music Video, “U N I”

From Milan to Miami, singer-songwriter, rapper, hip-hop/electronic producer, and recording artist Dici drops a reflective new music video for "u n i."

Young adulthood is never easy, but the 18-year-old has become accustomed to expressing those experiences through his bars and production. Under his own label, DICI, he gravitates listeners worldwide and has landed over a million views on YouTube. Each of his songs perfectly demonstrates Dici's passion for electronic music and spitting bars.

Recently releasing his music video for "u n i," viewers can get to know Dici on a more personal level through his honest and emotional bars while traveling through dark and dim settings. We love Dici's powerful and compelling performance in this music video; although the song's sonics are invigorating, there's something about his bars that shift our attention to thoroughly hear what he has to say.

Jumping into the music video for "u n i," we're greeted with Dici in a mini trance, gazing into a spotlight as he stands under it in a dark and spacious room. As we quickly shift into other scenes of the rapper spitting his bars in a dark underground parking lot, he hits us with all these different angles, mesmerizing silhouettes, and atmospheric candid shots.

We must say the song itself is like nothing we've ever heard before; Dici perfectly utilizes the exciting and anticipatory drum elements of electronic but without the use of heavy synths to amplify his rhythmic vocal performance. As he continues to plea for someone's attention and love, the music video closes with vast introspection.

Get to know the dynamic stylings of Dici through his latest music video for "u n i," now available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dici. We're incredibly impressed with the emotional yet dynamic atmosphere in your latest music video for "u n i." What inspired you to write the song itself? What experiences led you to create it?

At first, I wanted to make something that sounded unique. At the time I was listening to a good amount of EDM so I wanted to somehow incorporate that into what I was making. I created the beat first and then start writing lyrics. The experience that led to the song was the feeling that you wanna be with someone but you are kind of self-sabotaging the relationship.

How do you go about merging hip-hop with electronic music? Was it challenging at first to blend such different genres together?

It wasn’t too difficult because I could pick and choose. I took aspects that I liked from hip hop and merged them with aspects I like from EDM. The production was way more EDM and the vocals were way more hip hop-like.

What was it like working with director Brian Bayerl for the "u n i" music video? How did he help bring your visions to life?

It’s always awesome to work with Brian. Brian helps bring my ideas to life by taking my initial thought and expanding on them. By doing that we can bounce ideas back and forth that eventually lead to the final project.

What do you hope to make viewers think and feel when watching the music video for "u n I?"

I hope viewers walk away from the video thinking that it was an entertaining and exciting video. The main goal was to create “eye candy” that would complement the song.


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