Dig Deep Into Your Emotions With Steve Garay's New Single "Take A Break"

New Jersey-based Pop Singer Steve Garay is passionate about love songs, both the good and the heartbreaking side of love. He believes it is essential to stay connected and in touch with your emotions, but it is imperative that you celebrate the laughter and good times at the end of the day.

Steve Garay's newest release, "Take A Break," is his way of connecting to his listeners and speaking to them through music. Right from the start, you are sucked in by the vivid and easygoing melody and find yourself falling into the story.

The soft beat underlies Steve Garay's heartbreaking account of ending a relationship in the hopes of revealing your significant other's true feelings. He keeps it simple with repeated rhythms and melody, his fervent vocals speaking right to the listener as if the story is also theirs. The gritty, earthy vocal tones add to the atmosphere of the song in a well-rounded way.

As the song progresses, the hopeful feeling that was present during the first verse fades away, and the bold and devastating truth of the situation is revealed. Steve Garay is now gearing up to release his album 'It Comes From The Heart' in January 2021, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Listen to “Take A Break” here.