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“Dirty Laundry,” Has Gabriella Stella Leaving Her Baggage To Air Dry

At only 22 years old Gabriella Stella is a high octane singer-songwriter with a burst of Pop energy packed in a very petite package.

Her previous skills of acting and modeling separate her from the wave of other Pop artists. Her explosive performances are filled with original choices and eclectic musicality as her musical influences are Demi Lovato, Julia Micheals, and Miley Cyrus. Her fierce selections of surprise and righteous raw sounds leave you desiring one more rift, which is no wonder why this flouring sensation has performed at The House of Blues, Disneyland, Grand ole Opry Mills, and more.

Capturing the sultry essence of her fortified persona, Gabriella Stella has us all falling to our knees in her latest performance of “Dirty Laundry.” Being the most recent single from Gabriella Stella, the spirited charisma she personifies is authentic as she delves into the narrative of a relationship draining every ounce of your energy.

A story that many of us know too well, the relatability that is served with the angelic timbres roar fiercely through a honeyed texture that allows “Dirty Laundry” to be sweet and savory in amalgamation. We’re hooked on the buoyancy that remains portrayed through dark guitar riffs sculpting the therapeutic quintessence of this soundscape. When Gabriella Stella’s prevailing croons come pouring into the chorus, we notice that the minimalistic approach in the music at this point allows her to be centered in the mix for a commanding aura to wash over you.

Intimate with the lyrical dexterity she offers up, “Dirty Laundry,” is that captivating Pop single that you can hear across every radio station while you gush over it with your girlfriends. Developing a profuse guard as she radiates a story of whimsicality and confidence, there is no repudiating the powerful effects that composition from Gabriella Stella has on you.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gabriella Stella, and congratulations on the release of your latest single “Dirty Laundry.” We love the entire atmosphere that is brought out in this single. You hone in on such a mature sound, that it’s impressive. Where did the inspiration strike for the lyrics that we hear on “Dirty Laundry?"

Thank you so much I am so glad you enjoyed the song. It always feels nice when someone appreciates the art you create. When I wrote the song "Dirty Laundry" I was dealing with the give/take of an unhealthy relationship. When you are new to a relationship you are in the honeymoon stage and then the red flags start to appear. You are looking at the world with rose-colored glasses so be aware of the different shades.

We’ve caught wind that there’s a music video set to be released for “Dirty Laundry.” Could you please share some more details about that?

Of course, the music video has a nostalgic feel to it. We have this old laundromat in my town that I thought was perfect for the background of some shots. I wanted it to have a lighter feeling than "Bad Love" MV. When the director and I came up with the storyboard we sent each other photos or videos for inspiration. Other artists love to do lyric videos and music videos separately, but I wanted to have the video be both.

How does “Dirty Laundry” compare to other songs released in your music catalog?

This song is different from other songs by mixing sad lyrics with a playful beat. I did a play on words throughout the whole song with the lyrics; for example "Dirty Laundry, can't bleach these mistakes". I wanted to incorporate things that dealt with laundry but had an emotional undertone.

With such a seamless blend of a strong message yet playful essence in your authenticity, what are you hoping that your audience takes away from this track?

I would love for people to take away the message of everything isn't what it seems. Selena Gomez said it best "Everything is not what it seems" and if you know what that's from I love you. But all in seriousness just see those behavior patterns and make yourself aware of them. You have to listen to your intuition and never stray away from that. I had to realize those red flags weren't going away just because I was trying to pretend they were white.

What's next for you?

I am working on new music and keeping myself happy/healthy. I have been able to focus on my music more so it feels nice to be able to do that. I just can't wait to release new music and new projects.



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