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Dirty Sole Drops a Sensational Dance Hit on Latest Release "Let It Ride"

Strumming synthesized electric tones wash over you as you press play on Dirty Sole's latest track, "Let It Ride." The groovy pop sensations "Let It Ride" pumps out is bound to get your head treading along with the beat. This dynamic indie duo fused their musical souls in 2001 and since then has been known as Dirty Sole. From Chicago, IL, the duo have danced up the charts with their funky sounds and lent their energizing creations to the commercial industry, invigorating ad placements for Toyota and Nike.

"Let It Ride" is a fresh summer hit and a perfect blend of electro-indie-pop fusion. The vocals are delivered with a dreamy pop profile, and the accompanying groovy rhythm washes over the listener and invigorates a need to move to the dance floor- at least clear some room in the living room and let loose.

Music can often serve as a backdrop to our daily life; if you're in need of a freeing moment during these stressful times, Dirty Sole has the remedy for your affliction. "Let It Ride" reminds us not to let each day pass by, but live in the moment and experience something memorable.

"Let It Ride" has a pure feeling of happiness. What did you want to express to the listener on this track?

Hey Buzz team, thanks for having us!! Let It Ride has a never-ending good times vibe… endless summers, epic nights, etc. It’s a laid back jam with some dirty funk under the vocal. This song is right in the middle of our new album, “Future Looks Good”, coming in 2021 :)  You both clearly live in the moment and within your sound, how has your music evolved from where you started?

We started out making house records over 20 years ago. Our first handful of releases had a classic Chicago house sound with a variety of jazz, disco, and funk elements. Over time, we morphed into what we are today by always trying to be progressive in our sound through collaborating with different artists, vocalists, and songwriters. Today we probably fall under an indie-pop-dance umbrella and really enjoy what we’re doing.  How has the Chicago music culture influenced you both as artists? How have you been able to stay connected with the local music scene during the pandemic?

Chicago music culture has played an immense role not only in our development as artists but as individuals and friends. We’ve been fortunate to spend endless hours DJing and partying at Chicago clubs and events for a long time. It’s a culture that lives and breathes music, whether it’s dance music, the blues, jazz, or otherwise, which is just incredible. It’s obviously challenging to enjoy live music during the pandemic, but we’ve been "quarantine listening" to as much new music as possible… which has resulted in our new Spotify playlist “The Analog Joyride” haha. Check it out !! :) "Let It Ride" is destined for dancefloors across the country, how would you like to see your listeners celebrate this song during physical distancing?

We know that people listen to music in different environments… work, car, headphones, radio, laptop, etc. For us, we love listening to music in the car with some volume. It’s a great way to vibe out and get into music without any distractions.  What has been keeping you inspired this year?

Three things: #1, the new Lizzo album "Cuz I Love You” which is out of this world AMAZING, #2, an entirely new DAW and production environment, and #3 being able to collaborate with some truly phenomenal artists on our new album “Future Looks Good” !!


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