Dirty Spells Debut Single “Zetland” Is Guaranteed To Get You Off Your Feet

Comprised of four members, Dirty Spells is a diverse range of cultures. Lead singer Sarah Bernardo hails from Toronto, Canada, but makes the journey to Sydney, Australia to create music with her three bandmates. Their high impact and energetic live shows make them the perfect addition to any good time playlist. With chemistry like no other, despite their cultural differences, Dirty Spells are the ones to watch! 

Dirty Spells has released their debut single "Zetland” that introduces them as a band with a clear love for rock throughout the ages. Dirty Spells presents an indie-rock and slightly pop-inspired soundscape. An inner-eastern suburb of Sydney, “Zetland” features cascading guitar riffs, a raw drum line, and a girl-next-door vocal that’s as smooth as it is gritty as it moves through the story-line. Then you get the lyrics that are consistently developing the melody. On the whole, “Zetland” pours through with an air of classic familiarity, but this is a completely new story, new details and clever little lyrics reach out and appeal in an instant. A fantastic song, thoughtfully arranged, lyrically fascinating and refreshingly original and honest. It also confidently brings back that authentic rock sound with the riffs and the energy and the freely expressive set-up. Absolutely worth a few listens! 

Check out “Zetland” here and check out our interview with Dirty Spells

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dirty Spells! We love hearing about how bands originally got started! How does a girl from Toronto end up with 3 bandmates from Sydney? How does the dynamic work? Has Sarah relocated? 

Well, Sarah is pretty adventurous. She'd been doing a lot of music stuff in Canada, playing with lots of great bands. But I guess she got sick of all the cold weather and decided to strike out here. She lives over here in Sydney with us now!

Your debut single “Zetland” is so catchy! Tell us about the sentiments behind the lyrics. Wht the significance of the title?

We're glad you think its catchy! We certainly do too. Zetland is about finding your place in the world in a way that you never expected; meeting someone that you really care about and wanting to settle down. Sarah lives out in Zetland and was out on the balcony one day just watching the sunset and the song came to her in about 20 minutes. The rest of us helped flesh out the arrangement.

Your sound is so perfect for festival season! Do you have any upcoming festivals or shows you can mention to our readers? 

We're working on getting some festival slot right now, so there's things in the pipes but nothing confirmed yet!

 Do you feel that your music is an accurate depiction of who you are as artist? Do you feel ultimately connected to your listeners through your music?

We feel like music is one of the most visceral ways to connect to people. It's so immediate and raw and when you hear a song that you like. I guess we all grew up listening to a lot of pop punk and alternative rock so it has that flavour. This song is probably on the lighter side of what we do, some of the other tracks on the EP that we're releasing soon are a little bit heavier but it's distinctly us!

It was such a pleasure to have you and we can’t wait to hear more! Do you have plans to release a longer project? What are you working on going forward?

Thank you so much! We have another few tracks that are going to come in an EP release called Eagle Eyes that will feature this song. Soon we'll be back in the studio recording something else. Those tracks are sounding a bit heavier and grittier. We're very excited to so see how it comes out!


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