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Dirty White Shoes Come Clean On Past Love Experiences In, "Not Always Like This"

Amid a pandemic that went to reshape everything we know about the music industry and life itself, Angel and Jordan joined talents via social media.

Both eager to delve into a new sound that the two believe the world has yet to hear, they agreed to join forces to make this work. Separated by the U.S and Canadian borders, Angel and Jordan have adapted to the times to bring forth their incomparable vision for their music, branding, fans, and the future of Dirty White Shoes, which keeps this band together.

Taking their exclusive Pop sound the route of mildly acoustic riffs fusing with buoyant timbres, we get to feel a high octane performance come to life with vulnerability and an open mind. Dirty White Shoes brings this and more to the ears of their listeners in "Not Always Like This."

Gently easing you into a soundscape that feels intimate the moment it touches down, delicate lyrics like, 'I know you have to go. I just don't wanna know. How it feels, how it feels, how it feels, to be all alone,' allow you to reflect on heartache and the struggles that can bring those caught up in the emotion.

With the dynamics between the burgeoning instrumentation shed, and the carefully crafted words that come straight from the heart, you would think that Angel and Jordan are side by side in the creation process. Inflicting a spiral of our memories that are dug up from beneath the surface, it's incredibly apparent that Dirty White Shoes are masters at tugging heartstrings and making hits while they're at it.

Their charisma shines through each musical note hit, and we know that it's only a matter of time before the world sees them for what they truly are: undeniably talented musicians. Ready and waiting for more deluxe collaborations, "Not Always Like This" will do the trick in keeping our emotions a well-oiled machine.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dirty White Shoes. The feeling that "Not Always Like This" brings us is what we long for when listening to music. How has the process been working so far away from one another?

That means a lot you guys say that you don't even know! We were excited to release this track because it showed a unique side of Dirty White Shoes! Not much has changed in our writing process, but our excitement for Not Always Like This was evident! Working so far away from one another has its challenges, but we found a writing process that works well for us.

Although it was social media that brought you two together, how exactly did you stumble upon one another?

Before Jordan and I started working together, I was already releasing a few tracks under Dirty White Shoes, and Jordan was releasing tracks as a solo artist. A friend of mine who knew of him encouraged me to reach out to see if Dirty White Shoes could maybe open up a show for him in Canada. So I slid into the dm's, and the rest is history, haha!

Could you please take us into the deeper meaning weaved in "Not Always Like This"? What does this song mean to you, and what do you hope your audience pulls from it?

Not Always Likes This starts with some relatable lyrics. I'm always so caught up" I'm always overthinking a situation even if it's nothing serious. "Too stubborn to say I'm sorry" how many of us can relate to being too stubborn to apologize after an argument? This song is about that back and forth battle we have within ourselves and how we can sometimes allow it to interfere in our relationships, but we know at the end of the day, we aren't always like this.

How does a song like "Not Always Like This" speak to you both as individuals? What was the creative process like when reinforcing this vision into music?

For me, it was about saying things out loud most people relate to but don't want to admit. Jordan wanted to make sure the track emphasized the lyrics and enjoyed the music to feel like this rollercoaster of emotions.

What's next for you?

We have been taken on the days as they come! We still got to finish a few tracks in the demo stages, but we want to also focus on our fan engagement and hang out. Whatever that looks like! We might also be doing a show in LA in December, so that's pretty exciting. We are ready for whatever the universe has in store, haha!


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