Disco Dicks Unravel The Mystery Of A “Superlicious Girl”

On a mission to uncover what rock n' roll, dance, and disco have in common, analog dance duo Disco Dicks continue that venture with their latest sultry single, "Superlicious Girl."

Disco Dicks are best known for blending danceable ingredients with guitars and funky elements, creating captivating and intriguing soundscapes. One could describe the duo's sound as a lovechild between Daft Punk and Royal Blood, but with a dash of glitter, space pomade in their hair, and enough energy that would give workers at a nuclear power plant a week off.

The future-retro-lovers recently released their steamy and groovy new single, "Superlicious Girl," alongside an equally alluring music video that sees Disco Dicks trying to find common ground with a mysterious woman who continues to slip away and disappear. The song is the third consecutive single off Disco Dicks's upcoming debut album, slated to release this spring.

Diving into "Superlicious Girl," the track begins with steady, jazzy drum arrangements and groovy electric guitar bursts that set the song's sultry and sensual tone. As the lead vocalist begins to sing of attempting to figure out this enigma of a woman he's met and unraveling her mysterious ways, the song continues to expand into this exciting and energetic space that's oozing in sexual appeal.

There's a New Orleans-like jazzy brass breakdown on the bridge that totally peels back another layer to the duo's vast artistry, but the energy is at a high on the hook when the lead vocalist explains his wonder and awe for the "Superlicious Girl." We honestly love this track; it's sure to bring Disco Dicks' careers to new peaks.

Let Disco Dicks rock your world with their latest groovy single, "Superlicious Girl," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Disco Dicks. We love the passion and seductive vibe you brought to your latest hit, "Superlicious Girl." What inspired your group to write this sultry and exciting track?

Musically we wanted to make a more funky/pop-oriented track, less dirty guitars, and more swing in the feel. Maybe it turned out completely different, but Parcels were definitely a big inspiration for this track. I really love how they implemented disco and funky guitars in this new, fresh way. With our restriction of playing it live with two people, it sounds completely different as soon as we try to copy something. Also with this recording, the drums, bass, and guitar are live recordings. The way it became so sultry developed a bit later, haha. What was your songwriting process like for "Superlicious Girl?" What scenes and images did you want to paint in the listener's mind?

The song is based on a little joke. It's a short story about a night when you meet and get to know a flirt who means the world to you at that moment. Then you discover the night together, only to find out later that you forgot her name, hence: Superlicious Girl. We think the idea is to get as much as possible of the feeling of being lost and tempted in the night. A night that doesn't want to end and that you want to enjoy as much as possible with the people you're with. What was the inspiration for the underground nightclub-like music video for "Superlicious Girl?" Did you work with a team to create the video?

We think it fits the idea of the song, it's basically a party song so we wanted to give the video a similar vibe. Along with the boy/girl action, it's also a classic 90s music video in a way, playing straight to the camera. We were very lucky with the team we were able to put together in a very short amount of time. We had everything planned and prepared when 3 weeks before the video shoot the director canceled, so we had to rethink and plan everything. But magically everything fell into place. Also, everything was shot in a place in Moscow that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore, but is forever in the video. That makes it very special when you look back on it now, You mentioned that "Superlicious Girl" is the third single from your upcoming album in the spring. In what way does the new single represent the upcoming project?

It's definitely the poppiest track on the album. The album is quite a journey. We're really jumping back and forth between all kinds of genres here all the time, with the core still being the pop structures. Live we do it all the time, playing minimal, hip-hop, rock 'n' roll, techno, and so on. I think with the two-man band it's a little easier to follow live because the sound aesthetic stays pretty similar. On the album, we went on a long journey to produce it as well and layer it with things we can't do live, so overall the album is filled with all kinds of instruments and styles. What can listeners expect next from you guys?

There will be one more single before the album. It's called "Power Bundle" and it features two songs. One is a bit of a western feel with an eastern groove, sounds weird but it's true. And the other song is more of a dance-pop song that got pretty dirty. All songs for the dance floor. How we keep our motto; "live/production duo making dirty and rumbling tracks for the dance floor."