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Discover Comically-Driven Rock Band KUL and Their Single, "Party at the White House"

Icelandic rock band KUL is here to display their innate sense of banter, as well as the driving energy behind the essence of their collective song releases. Forming in 2018, KUL consists of members Heidar Örn Kristjansson on lead vocals and guitar, Helgi Runar Gunnarsson on lead guitar and backing vocals, Halfdan Arnason on bass and backing vocals, and Skúli Gíslason on drums. Collectively, the band encompasses their individuality and explores the creativity that comes as a result of collaboration.

KUL has released their elemental rock single, "Party at the White House," and it's driving a wedge between alternative-rock. The band encapsulates the raw sound you can expect an early 2000s rock single to possess, with that gritty yet energetic rhythm, combined with some contemporary flairs of today's alt/rock scene. "Party at the White House" brings two pivotal ambiances together: the raging rock extravaganza we all have a soft spot in our heart for, and also a more chilled-out serenity (faint, but still ever so present). Not to mention the satire involved within the track itself is what creates a comical listening atmosphere, as the band stays true to their political roots, all while having a blast at, well, blasting the current circumstances. All in all, "Party at the White House" offered an array of versatile energies, as well as perspectives, and ultimately kept us drawn in with its addicting rhythm.

What kind of vision went into "Party at the White House" and would you say that every band member resonated with the vision of the song?

We wanted as a band to give people a glimpse into our opinions on the POTUS and what has been going on in The White House in an upbeat song. That resonated with all of us.

How do you feel that "Party at the White House" compares to other single releases from the band?

PTWH is our only semi-political song and has a more dance vibe to it than any of our other songs. Our other songs are maybe a little bit more “indie guitar rock” but we let loose on this one and we are very happy with the outcome. Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons) also did an amazing job with the mix of the song.

Were there any moments within the writing and recording process of "Party at the White House" which you felt challenged the band artistically?

We were all pretty much on the same page during the making of the song. We had been playing the song live for some time before going into the studio and when we pressed ”record” the song took over and kind of produced itself.

What're the next steps that KUL is looking to take within the music scene, especially regarding the release of future new music?

We’re always writing new music. The situation at the moment is kind of strange. Like other musicians, we have no idea when we can tour again but we will be releasing songs regularly. We’ll just have to see.

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music, this year?

You could say the source is everything that has been going on in the world for the past year or so. It has given us more time to write and spend time together and that helps with the creative process. You could say being able to come together to create music is keeping us sane through all of this.


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