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Discover Rising Elijah's Hard Rock Ferocity in Latest Release, "Degenerated"

Hard rock band, Rising Elijah are here to portray their powerful and rousing sound with their latest release, "Degenerated." As a band who finds importance in bringing some old school flavors in with a contemporary flash, Rising Elijah is all about vividly expressing intriguing themes. They easily come off as strikingly fearless, and that component of their sound is what heightens their overall imparted effect. With the release of "Degenerated" came an even more elevated understanding of what this progressive band is all about.

Striking guitar riffs immediately penetrate the air with "Degenerated." The scathing energy pierces listening ears, having such an acute and energetic effect. A persistent drum and electric guitar carry the bulk of the productional quality, and the vocalism perfectly snaps right within the projected ambiance. Choosing to hone into an intriguing narrative, "Degenerated" follows along with the story of a man who struggles with self-understanding, as well as one who easily conforms to ignorance. Never wavering even slightly with the high-intensity performance, Rising Elijah inflames the atmosphere with determined expressions. Vehemently exposing their innate ferocity, Rising Elijah truly established their essence with "Degenerated" and proved yet again that their bustling and vigorous energy is unmatched.

What component of "Degenerated" does the band feel was most surprising after listening to the completed version of the track?

Well, the song is a cover, originally done by Regan Youth and popularized in the movie, "Airheads" - so when we completed our version of it, we were not so much surprised, but really pleased how it came out since covers are sometimes tuff to lock-in.

Were there any pivotal messages within "Degenerated" that the band was hoping was easily translated across to listeners?

Yeah, the song is basically about a guy that is kinda a piece of crap that doesn't value much. Ya know, uplifting stuff heh.

Where was the inspiration sourced from in order to conjure up the theme presented in "Degenerated?"

Well, since Covers are a good way to market a new band we wanted to do something that we could make our own. We tossed a few around and this one felt right.

With your debut album being in its final stages before release, are there any hints you can extend to listeners about the nature of this album?

Well since covid happened it's allowed us to keep working on the album and make new songs, so anyone that previously saw us live, our set has changed and grown a good bit. So whenever we can get back out there, the set and album will be pretty different than before.

What can fans anticipate to hear from you next? Do you have any releases lined up before the end of the year?

No other releases lined up for the end of the year - we recently did a live stream at Ultimate Studios Inc, which is up to check out on our Facebook page, while we figure out our next moves during this time of uncertainty.

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