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Discover the Honestly in Dobbsthagr8t’s Songwriting in His Release “Grind Mode"

Hailing us from Moreno Valley, back again at BuzzMusic is the rap artist Dobbsthagr8t. Aside from being an independent artist, Dobbsthagr8t also runs his own clothing line and music group IMOB. Dobbsthagr8t’s style is all about being raw and honest, sticking true to his own voice and not wanting it to be affected, Dobbsthagr8t brings us an experience that comes from his deepest emotions. Recently, Dobbsthagr8t released his EP ‘Imob Music,’ and off of it, we are going to be diving right into the record “Grind Mode.”

“Grind Mode” is one of those records where you’ll constantly be on edge while listening. Every lyric that Dobbsthagr8t delivers has the perfect amount of attitude and is right up in your face, combined with his almost-magical storytelling, “Grind Mode” makes for a compelling experience from start to end. Some of the features in “Grind Mode” are heart-pumping 808 drums, lo-fi tape effected synths, and the bright cherry on top - Dobbsthagr8t’s rap performance that sits entirely over top of the beat. Contributing to this is how it feels like the rhythm and the vocals are dancing together, they do identical syncopations that create a lovely push and pull feeling that can get you to start dancing. Since listening to “Grind Mode,” we will be checking out the rest of the ‘Imob Music’ EP and think that you should too.

You can listen to “Grind Mode” here.



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