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Discover Tomorrow Makes The Ground Shake In “When I Look Down”

Founded in Germany in 2022, the alternative nu-metal band and trio Discover Tomorrow discusses a painfully relatable life experience in their latest sweltering single, "When I Look Down."

The core members of the alternative nu-metal project have been working on original music for the past four years. Consisting of Nico Kerrinnes (guitars, lyrics, and recording), Lucia Maugeri (backup vocals, guitars), and bassist "5583," Discover Tomorrow is a group of enthusiasts focussing on creating art as an emotional outlet that simply cannot be compared to a traditional rock band.

This time around, Discover Tomorrow is melting faces everywhere with their latest hard-hitting single, "When I Look Down." The song expands on finding your true calling amid the expectations of those around you, dissecting this rollercoaster of a process and the pain, frustration, and uncertainty that linger.

Hitting play on the new track, "When I Look Down," Discover Tomorrow slaps the speakers with their thrilling electric guitars that stomp their way into the first verse alongside pounding drums and emotional vocals. Backed by some intense screams, Discover Tomorrow's ferocity and intensity in this single are palpable, and they have no issue displaying that in their lyrics and instrumentals.

This song is needed now more than ever, when individuals everywhere are losing jobs and not getting hired, in need of an aggressive outlet to channel all that pent-up anger and confusion. This anthemic and soul-stirring single packs all the heart, emotion, and rage we could ask for, perfectly portraying the rocky roads we take to find out true calling.

Ball up your emotions and throw them into the fires of Discover Tomorrow's killer new single, "When I Look Down," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Discover Tomorrow. We love the intensity and relatable concept in your new single, "When I Look Down." What inspired your group to write a song about the uncertainty of finding your true calling? Nico: Thank you for having us! And thanks a lot for your kind words; that means a lot to us! Writing a song about finding your true calling was kind of a fortunate accident. For years we’ve tried to build a traditional band, but it never really worked out with different band members. We tried to develop our own sound with a lot of talented musicians, but our directions were quite different. So, we kept writing and writing. A lot of instrumental demos were piling up after our then-singer quit us. Such a frustrating situation! Having talked for some weeks, we threw the idea of being a traditional band away and started working as a trio collaborating with befriended artists. It wasn’t intentional, but with all these setbacks, we were inspired to write a song that reflected our feelings of trying really hard to finally achieve our dreams.

Lucia: We’re not full-time musicians, but we’re convinced that making music is our true calling; one thing that we really live for, we enjoy intensively, and it creates a lot of fulfillment for us. It was an absolute bummer that our then-singer and even a very good friend, our then-bassist, left the project without even telling us. They simply ghosted us. It was absolutely uncertain if we could ever finalize songs with vocals. And it has always been difficult for us to establish a lineup: We’re focusing on writing songs, whereas a lot of musicians here enjoy jamming and playing live. Something that is not our top priority. Long story short, writing "When I Look Down" is a reflection of our journey in establishing the foundation of our project. And we really hope that people can relate to our constant struggle that finally turned into the heroic feeling that we finally did it!

5583: We’ve all known each other for several years, but we never really got together besides jamming some fun stuff. Our influences are very different, from nu-metal to pop music to reggae. One day, our discussions got more serious, and we all opened ourselves creatively. I’ve listened to some demos and got really interested in developing this particular sound. What is more, I wanted to help my friends, so I joined the project. What was your band's creative process like when formulating the instrumentals for "When I Look Down?" What sort of atmosphere did you want the song to capture? 5583: The band’s creative process is quite different from my former experiences. We’re rarely writing together. Most likely, someone has an idea, develops it a bit, and hands it over to another band member. E. g. if Nico writes a cool guitar riff, he works on it for some time and brings it to me for bass or additional guitar layers by Lucia. If we feel that the song idea has a certain stage, we put everything together. We all have certain moments of inspiration in our lives. We try to capture this momentum. It is really advantageous that we all have the technology to write music in our home studios at any time. "When I Look Down" wasn’t written in a paid, kind of forced studio session. We had the time to wait for this certain moment of inspiration to develop the song and even invite befriended artists from the UK (vocals) and the USA (drums, mixing, mastering).

Nico: Interestingly, I still kind of remember how the hypnotizing "wall of guitars" intro and verses were written: I was in a frustrated mood because of a singer who wasn’t really invested in working on our song ideas. But he never told us – he just did not do anything but hold us back. I was really angry and disappointed because I was so unsure if we could ever finish any songs. I took the guitar and just let my emotions out. Within an hour or so, I got quite lost in my despair and laid down another guitar part that was even angrier. If you are trying really hard and don’t achieve anything, you’ll feel like being in a dark hole that is sometimes flooded with anger but sometimes only with sadness. With Lucia and 5583, we developed the chorus, which is a big statement that "we will overcome all of these obstacles."

Lucia: Exactly; we wanted to capture all the different emotions in the process of establishing the song. Writing the final vocal melodies was quite hard, so that we finished „Drowning Me“ and „Tangled Ropes“ first. But here we are now! We feel that „When I Look Down“ represents our sound, which is kind of like a rollercoaster of different emotions. What do you hope your listeners take away from your relatable lyrical content in "When I Look Down?" Nico: We hope that we can motivate people who struggle to achieve their dreams. You have to have a strong will, but also friends or at least helping hands that want to support you, not hold you down. We want to stress that you should always be open to new ways to achieve your goals. Without throwing away the idea of being a traditional metal band that needs 5 members in the same rehearsal space, we could not make the songs that we wanted to make. Adding 5583 to our lineup showed us the strength of friendship again. What is more, Fern Lemus, a texas-based audio engineer and drummer, really helped us by understanding the kind of music that we want to make. We are really thankful that all these people really invested their hearts and souls in making "Discover Tomorrow happen."

Lucia: The song goes out to all the people who are held back by expectations or even self-doubt caused by others. Yes, it is always important to reflect on yourself and accept criticism, but also withstand it when you don’t agree. With the lyrics and the music, we want to underline that all these people who are trying hard are not alone. One day, if we have the right helping hands by our side, we will realize our dreams. It will happen, but we all have to hang on, just like we did when creating the band.

5583: I don’t care a lot for lyrics, but I think they are pretty cool and straightforward! What did your band enjoy most about creating "When I Look Down?" What did you get out of creating such a cathartic song? Lucia: I think, speaking for all of us, we really enjoyed „marrying“ the vocals to the instrumental! Listening to a rough demo of the song for the first time showed us that our vision of modern metal with different influences from pop, 90s nu-metal, and grunge work for us. It was such a rewarding experience that our idea of our own songs wasn’t just sketched, but just like a huge as well as difficult puzzle coming together.

Nico: "When I Look Down" was actually the very first song with vocals that we wrote for Discover Tomorrow. It was the proof that we do have a certain sound and that we can realize all these crazy sounds that haunt us in our heads! Writing the song with these guys was really cathartic; I take a lot of pride and satisfaction out of it. Hellyeah, we did it! By the way, I enjoyed recording the lead guitar solo a lot. It was really frustrating at first because I couldn’t play the notes on the guitar that I was hearing in my head. Someday, sitting in the home studio during a nice sunset, out of thin air, I took the guitar and laid down the solo in the first take. It was so crazy that I didn’t dare to touch the recording again!

5583: I enjoyed writing the rhythm section for the chorus a lot. The initial ideas were cool and really straightforward at first, but the final version of the chorus has a great vibe. I can really see myself in the music we made. I am also very happy that I could help my friends, the experience of working on our own songs also beefed up our friendship on different levels! What's next for you? Nico: Our initial plan was to release two singles this year. We even finished the third one! We’re really happy about the debut year of Discover Tomorrow. To celebrate the release of „When I Look Down“ even further, we will see the release of a drum play-through video very soon. After that, we’re going back to our home studios and working even further on new songs. Hopefully, we will have something new next year. Until then, we really hope that people dig our songs: "When I Look Down“; "Tangled Ropes," and "Drowning Me."

Lucia: In addition to that, we’re always working on art. We like photography, painting, and just capturing inspiring moments for all of us. Besides working on music, we will create artwork that we may use for future single covers. It is really important to us that we are involved in all of the art that represents the band.

5583: Until new music arrives, keep checking our social media accounts: We will share background information about our songs, e. g. how we wrote certain parts or how we achieve certain sounds.


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