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Discussing Joshua Kroehn's Latest Album 'State of Devotion'

The Adelaide-based Singer/Songwriter Josh Kroehn has taken 2020 by the horns. After releasing his album "State of Devotion" on December 4th, Josh Kroehn has been growing his fanbase through the album's conceptual storyline regarding his past decade.

Josh Kroehn spent 2020 creating, modifying, and releasing the album that takes listeners on a profound journey into his psyche. We're highly appreciative of the time and effort that Josh Kroehn has put into his album, 'State of Devotion,' as he's truly created a perfect note to end the year off.

We found ourselves highly impressed with various songs on the album, as Josh Kroehn is an artist who puts their heart and soul on each piece for listeners to find something to relate with. Especially on the heartfelt album opener, "Never Found," Josh Kroehn tells the story of his journey to achieve inner peace.

Not to mention the more retro and upbeat piece, "Don't Mind Me," Josh Kroehn gives listeners a taste of hope and faith with this uplifting single. While singing of paying no mind to him while he lives his introverted self in an extroverted world, Josh Kroehn made this piece entirely irresistible.

We must also note the other tracks that hold our undivided attention, being "Turning Clocks" and "Undergrowth," both singles offer incredible instrumentals that perfectly compliment the profound lyricism from Josh Kroehn himself.

Making the most of 2020 with the release of his conceptual, emotional, and dynamic album 'State of Devotion,' we're more than excited to hear what Josh Kroehn will release as we leave this bizarre year behind.

Besides the release of your album 'State of Devotion,' did you fulfill any other musical achievements this year?

I released my most successful single to date ‘Never Found’ which is the opening track on ‘State Of Devotion’. It was released 6 months before the album and I saw the track as the best introduction for people to the vibe of the album. I feel ‘Never Found’ really sets the scene for the tracks that follow on the record.

Seeing as you released your album 'State of Devotion' at the end of 2020, how long was the album in the making? When did you begin creating pieces for the project?

Some of these songs have been with me for years, others were written last year. I started the recording process in January, months before the pandemic really started to make its impact here in Australia.

Speaking on the project 'State of Devotion,' is there a track on the album that means the most to you?

I think it would be between Welcome Bare, Numb Legs, and As Clear As Day. All three are deeply personal tracks, they detail the loss of people I care about and bring about feelings of anger and regret.

Seeing as your lyricism and concepts within 'State of Devotion' is incredibly personal and vulnerable, what did you want listeners to take away from the overall project?

I make music for myself first and foremost, it’s my way of dealing with grief. This was a purely cathartic record and I guess you could call it selfish in a sense. I also don’t want people to be led to believe they should be feeling a certain way when they listen to my music, I feel music is better when there’s an element of ambiguity.

If you could take one thing away from the year we've experienced, what would it be? Did you find it challenging to find inspiration to write music this year? Where did you find inspiration to write your album 'State of Devotion?'

I feel the main thing I’ll take away from 2020 is that I’m truly grateful for the life I live at the moment, and I’ve never been healthier and happier than I am now, even in these troublesome times globally. I am always writing music and there were no signs of slowing down in 2020. ‘State Of Devotion’ came about over the course of the 2010s and it is a chronological recollection of events that I like to reflect on.

What should we expect from you in 2021? Are you working on anything that might be set to release next year?

I am currently working on a new record, which will feature more songs like ‘Never Found’, as I’m really enjoying playing acoustic guitar at the moment.



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