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Disembodied Strikes Our Speakers with, "b4 u block me"

From Manhattan to Philadelphia, the designer, photographer, director, and producer Disembodied releases an upbeat and emotionally charged anthem entitled "b4 u block me."

Active within the world of music creation since 2015, Disembodied uses this alias as an outlet for his audio and visual projects. Also a creative director with many credits around the globe, Disembodied has received many opportunities to create cover art, production, music videos, and photoshoots for a broad array of artists.

Now releasing his sophomore single, "b4 u block me," listeners can get a clear idea of the versatile music Disembodied creates, ranging from hyperpop, g-house, punk, and cloud rap. Within this track, Disembodied offers an emotional punk approach to rap while letting someone know how he feels just before he's hit with the dreaded block.

Hitting play on "b4 u block me," the track opens with a lush array of keyboard melodies and Disembodied's upbeat bars. As the sonics begin to develop with plucky synths, shimmering effects, and a high-energy drum arrangement, the song quickly takes off into this sonic masterpiece through its broad-ranging instrumentals and sonics.

As Disembodied continues rapping about wanting to see someone's sweet face one last time before he's blocked, the sonics perfectly match the thumping and quick-beating heart that pumps out of his chest when expressing such emotional words. As Disembodied and his amazing sonics lead us towards the outro, he truly leaves us engaged and locked into this exhilarating piece with each instrumental arrangement and emotional lyric.

Get your last word in with help from Disembodied's sophomore single, "b4 u block me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the energy and power of your latest single, "b4 u block me." What inspired this emotional yet highly energetic tune?

First off, thank you! The general idea behind the track was losing that one person who was your rock and not being able to face the fact that they may never want things to be the same again, but attempting to keep the sound overall energetic, kind of like putting on a guise. I go on drives when I'm not in the right headspace. A few months ago, my tank was low, and I didn't feel like sitting at the pump, so I only put $5 in and started mumbling "lemme get $5 on pump 5, I'm not going out for a long drive."

Why did you choose to contrast the emotional lyricism within "b4 u block me" with such exhilarating and thumping sonics?

I needed to vent some things going through my mind so the lyrics were pretty spot on to what I was/am going through. Sonically, however, I wanted the track to feel like something you can blast while speeding down the highway. Sure, we all love a slow song when we're down but I felt it was important to try and contrast the two as best as I could. I grew up listening to a lot of different genres but the late 90's Dance era resonated with me the most with artists like La Bouche, Corona, and Alice DeeJay. A pretty good comparison would have to be "Baby Baby" by Corona, a wildly addictive and fast-paced track, but a hook that shows her interest in wanting to stay with someone. That's why I really fell for Hyperpop: no limitations and really just experimentalism.

Will you continue placing such emotional, personal, and relatable lyrics into your future songs, similar to your genuineness in "b4 u block me"?

I have a few songs ready that are full of emotional lyrics with fast energy, after that, who knows? I have a lot of techno/house-inspired songs that might make it out someday! It all depends on my head space while I'm making music. I'd never write anything that I haven't gone through so the lyrics will always be personal to me, I can only hope others can relate to some degree.

Could you enlighten our readers on what you aim to achieve with your artistic brand? What do you want to represent and stand for?

My brand really started with my design and art direction work, keeping things very "harsh, crisp, and grunge" (for lack of better words) because it's what I envisioned the inside of my head looks like. I feel it accurately represents the art I make and it fit well with the music, too. I wanted to keep the darker imagery for my music because if our minds had a "look", that's how my mind would be. Whatever sounds come out of that, come out, and hopefully, people find the music to be a great pair with the visual representation! I want to make music for the kids who feel that their feelings/voices aren't heard and typical coping mechanisms don't suffice.

What's next for you?

I have two songs coming in the next few weeks titled "c3llular" and "gr3y sk!es feat. Neff Libata". Both of which have a more emotional base with a super catchy rhythm! I can only hope you all enjoy them as much as I did making them.


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