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Displays of Attentiveness in the New Single “Aching Years” by Andreas Enok

With unreal lyrical content unlike most songs written today, and production style to match it perfectly, comes an artist is known as Andreas Enok.  Born in Denmark, Andreas Enok plans to focus on relatable content, and being able to present comfort and understanding in vulnerable subjects.  Andreas Enok ability to present journeys within his musical content has pushed him into creating his first-ever EP, planned to be released 2020.  Within this EP is his new release 'Aching Years', which is available as a single now.

Just one look at the cover art for “Aching Years” can tell listeners that we are in for some kind of emotional expedition.  Within the first seconds of the song, we get that emotion experience foreshadowed in the sentimental artwork in the piano chords.  The chords themselves are uplifting, however, Andreas Enok’s voice is kind of melancholy, which results in an interesting combination.  As “Aching Years” continues, we don’t get any new instruments introduced, however more and more attributes are adding to Andreas Enok’s voice.  Andreas stacks more vocal lines, add a nice reverb and harmonizes with himself occasionally.  Additionally, his lyrical content picks up on more vulnerable subjects, which adds more to the whole atmosphere of the song.  Andreas Enok proves to his fans that he can create a full song with just him, a piano, and great lyrical content in “Aching Years”.     

Listen to Aching Yearshere.

Hi Andreas Enok!  Welcome to BuzzMusic, the team and myself are very happy to be representing you and your latest single “Aching Years”.  With being so young, but having such relatable lyrical content and emotional ability, what is (in your opinion) the hardest part of yourself that you have figure out/solve to be able to reach out emotionally to your listeners?  Are you still trying to figure some things out about yourself musically? Hi! So happy to be here! First of all, thanks! It’s really important for me that the emotion shines through in what I write but, you know, I think that to be able to do so, you really need to be ready to face the feelings that you’re dealing with. “Aching Years” was written eight months after the actual thing that happened in my life that really made me sad, and for me, I wouldn’t have been able to go through what I felt at that point and to find the right words to describe it wouldn’t have been possible for me to do. Even when I started writing “Aching Years” in February, it took me so much longer than any other song, cause I still struggled to find the right words that truly reflected my feelings. But I finished it after all, and I just think that you know, it takes some time to find peace after hard times but once you’ll get there, it’s much easier to talk about, write about, and you feel so much more confident in sharing it with others. It’s also why I think that now was the right time to let “Aching Years” out into the world, cause I was ready and confident about sharing it, cause I had the right words that gave it the emotion that I wanted so that people can really feel it when they hear it. As for myself musically, I’m just still trying out different things, and that’s what my style is right now I think. I’m still exploring and I like what I put out, but I also like a lot of other things, so I don’t want to put myself in a box or something like that, cause I’m getting inspired every single day, and so I just want to allow myself to make what I feel like making. I think that’s the main goal for me, to just make what I want and feel happy and proud of it. In “Aching Years”, there is no doubt you have amazing writing ability, as well as production style.  This song really brings out emotions in listeners, however, on your planned EP do you have some faster-paced songs?  Would that be something you are interested in making? I mean, I really like a good up-tempo song, and it’s definitely something that I’m going to be making, but I can’t really tell yet if it’s going to be on this EP exactly. I’m not done with it yet and, you know, I still need to record some stuff and I’m trying some different things out and no matter what, there’s going to be songs on it that are more up-tempo than “Aching Years”, but at the end of the day, I just think it’s important that the lyrics and music are aligning, so that’s what I’m trying to focus on, and then we’ll see what’s going to happen. In some of your bios, you mention that you produce usually from your bedroom.  Do you have any plans to try and make some new material in a studio?  OR have you already made some songs in one?  Do you like the studio vibe? Well, I haven’t really been to a studio yet, but it’s definitely something that I’m going to in the future, cause from what I’ve seen and heard, you just have so much more to work with. And also, I think one major thing is that, you have actual producers who know what they’re doing, that can help you, cause right now I’m my own producer and, you know, I just try my best but there are just some things that are so hard for me to understand, so in that way, it would be a relief for sure. But I would say that I also enjoy being able to make music in my bedroom, and with “Aching Years” and my first ever EP coming up, it’s just where I feel the most in touch with my feelings, and I think that’s just really important for me right now. With the projection to release your EP this year, will we see any collaborations on the album?  Do you plan to have some singles with some artist collaborations as well?  Maybe even some production collaboration? Right now, I’m not trying to think too much about artist collaborations, cause I just think that I need to focus on myself and what I want to say with my songs and, you know, it’s just really personal, so I think it would feel kind of weird for me if someone were to join. I’m not fully closed to the idea, but I’m not searching for anything either as of right now at least, but I’m definitely interested in it for future projects, no doubt in that. Production-wise, I think it would be great, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen. I don’t have anything planned yet, but if someone wants too, they should free to send me a message on Instagram and I’ll definitely do that too if I’ll find something interesting.

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