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Distorted Majesty Put a Unique Spin With Their Latest Release, “Evoking”

Distorted Majesty has released their latest single titled “Evoking”. Coincidentally enough, “Evoking” production was uniquely a firm representation of the band’s stage name. The elements and arrangement of the instruments and vocals were all distorted and sounded warped with contortion. The vocal delivery was highly laid-back and abundantly smooth yet remained unorthodox and intricate.

There were multiple different electric components to the record that gave you a piercing strike and elevated access to the different dimensions that “Evoking” was equipped with. Not only was the song electrically exhilarating, but it was also individualistic. “Evoking” is the kind of song that can remain as a stand-out record as opposed to the other songs that are currently overflooding the market with this consistent sound that hasn’t made a budge. That was of course until Distorted Majesty has come around with this atypical style. Evoking is a passionately driven record that has a bitter-sweet vibe about a lost relationship. This is a theme that many people can relate too as we have all experienced heartbreak and disappointment before. Distorted Majesty has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on us and we are excited to see what’s in store for this promising band in the upcoming decade!

You can listen to “Evoking” by Distorted Majesty here!


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