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Dive Deep into Your Memories With “’93” by Kimberly Dawn

Canadian-born Country artist Kimberly Dawn brings life and love to her music that listeners resonate with. Her inner strengths and triumphs have allowed her to tell intimate and relatable stories through music, as she balances life as a mother and a musician.

Kimberly Dawn’s recent release “’93” delves into her childhood and teen years where life was simpler, and technology wasn’t the center of our world. Piano and acoustic guitar sweep in, painting the scene for an old school reminiscent country song.

When Kimberly’s angelic vocals enter the scene, she beautifully walks you through memories of her younger self, in a time that was carefree and insouciant. “’93” has that classic country sweetheart sound, pouring out emotion through playful and catchy lyrics.

The breezy melody will have you closing your eyes and humming along, the imagery of youth dancing across your flashbacks. Slowdowns on instrumentation during her last chorus leave the focus on Kimberly dawns vocal abilities, flowing through the notes with ease and precision.

Through clever lyrics, she dreams of going back to the good old days. For some, it could be the 60s, some the 90s, and everywhere in between. Everyone’s happy place is different, and “’93” allows every listener to picture their own life to the tune of Kimberly Dawn’s vocals. Whenever or wherever you grew up, Kimberly Dawn reminds you to take a step back and appreciate where you came from.

“93” has some beautiful and personal memories attached to the lyrics, it is evident that you put your heart and soul out there for your music. Do you think vulnerability allows you to connect more with your listeners? How do you hope they interpret “’93?"

I totally feel like the vulnerability I put into my songs helps my listeners connect with me. They are able to have a sense of feeling like they know me in some way. That's what listeners want, they want a connection. When it comes to '93 I hope they feel that small-town girl, that truly is me. I am a country girl at heart and I think the lyrics in this song portray that.

When you get an idea for a song, do you find yourself inspired by melodies or lyrics first? What was your songwriting process like for “’93?"

When I have an idea for a song it varies on melodies or lyrics coming first. Sometimes I will have a lyric and we will find a melody around the lyric. In the case of '93, I knew I wanted to write a song with a 90's country vibe. We came up with a melody first and then the lyrics truly just poured out.

How do you think “’93” compares to the music you were inspired by growing up? Do you find yourself influenced by any other style of music?

'93 was inspired by my love for 90's country music. I love all genres of music. I also listen to all genres of music from music in the '60s & '70s to hip hop, rap, and rock'n'roll. My mom listened to so many artists like Elvis Presley, The Supremes, Paul Anka and so many more. Because of my mom, I truly appreciate all genres and it has helped me in cultivating my music career.

Your lyrics for “’93” put such a positive spin on feeling lost and stuck in your current reality. How do you push through times when you feel down or unmotivated?

I am happy that '93 puts a positive spin on feeling lost and stuck in our current reality. When I am feeling down and unmotivated that's when I will take a break from social media, and take time to myself. I will spend time outside and near the water cause being near water is very therapeutic for me. I also meditate which helps to center and ground me. Always helps.

What can listeners expect next from you?

My listeners can expect my Christmas album which is out right now. I have more music coming as well. My EP will be released sometime next year. I look forward to doing shows where possible. I am also continuing to write and come up with new material.



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