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Dive Into a Tell-All Tale With Kamrn's Album, 'LYML'

Through the highs and lows that the Hip-hop industry faces, Houston artist Kamrn attacks his music with a unique approach. Recognized through other monikers such as Mr. Lonely and Loverboy, he gives a raw look into his life, whether it has to do with relationships, life issues, mental stability, and the regular bumps and bruises that can be thrown your way. Finding a new-fangled way to mix his favorite genres, such as R&B, Hip-hop, and Pop, Kamrn is a breath of fresh air in the scene.

Indulging his fan base in his most recent creation, Kamrn delves into numerous themes that deliver thought-provoking messaging in his 16 track album, 'LYML.' Collaborating with Ezzy, Saintblu, Kevo, and 5an, the dynamism continues to swing in a fluent fashion that has your head bopping, and heartstrings pulled. Carving his solidified place in the reflective hues that have listeners peering into the window of his soul, the delicate yet intimate tones that Kamrn slips into your speakers have you swooning over the alluring magnetism that delivers Kamrn's lush vocalization into a superlative league of its own.

Being cognizant of elusive yet prevailing tenors, Kamrn has a knack for pulling you into his carefully crafted universe in an overflow of sensations that translate into an offering that reigns from his persona. "Love Yourself Mr. Lonely," "RIP," and "Call Me For More" approaches the modern wave of Hip-hop with Contemporary R&B characteristics as you feast upon the robust reverberations that Kamrn opens our world to. His artistic canvas allows you to fixate on his storytelling methods as you surround yourself in the weighty bass components that the rhythm produces. In a perfectly balanced concoction of hard-hitting meets enticing vibrations, you can't deny the malleable fashion that Kamrn conveys in his intrapersonal messaging.

Submerging us in the soothing rhythmic essence of a downtempo offering, "Staring at U," "Gave Up On My Heart," and "4EVER," create an ethereal universe that you profoundly feel more than hear. Every authentic sonic voyage can pull you into a force field of eclectic vibes that have your emotions thoroughly stretched in numerous directions. Kamrn is no stranger to launching us into a burrow of inner sentiments as we take in each creative detail that brightly illuminates our mindset throughout 'LYML.'

"Downfall," "XO," and "Lie 2 Me" approach a mid-tempo fusion of melodic soundscapes that tour us through avenues of harmonious bliss and lyrical dexterity at its finest. With 16 songs offered on this project, the intricate rhyme schemes remain a centerpiece that continuously changes through the impactful energy. The enthusiasm in which Kamrn performs allows these enigmatic pieces to sit pleasantly in your headspace through the transitions of vibrations present.

With 'LYML' being copious in lyrical content, themes, and overall messaging that pertains to the lifestyle of Kamrn, you can't help but sink into your seat as you bask in the ingenious expedition that Kamrn has us setting sail on. We have the chance to embrace the warm and inviting artistry that drips from his quintessence as we coast from each song that provides various conveyance. Generously serving up passionate tales, Kamrn unquestionably allows

'LYML' to take from the vulnerable sector of his heart. Choosing the perfect group of collaborators to bring this vision to life, the dynamism exuded is unmatched. With each track more stimulating than the last, we encourage you to open your mind and put aside an hour of your time to relate with Kamrn in a new dimension.

'LYML' will hit you in all the right places, and we know that you'll be pressing replay as soon as this album ends.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kamrn, and congratulations on the release of your album, “LYML.” We love each song that you carefully picked out for the tracklist Could you please tell us what this album means to you as a whole?

First off thank you so much. As a whole, this album is basically a letter to me telling me to love myself. I’ve been struggling with self-love for the longest time so this album details my struggle with self-love and me trying to love myself.

From the 16 tracks that we have the pleasure of hearing, do you have a specific song that resonates with you more than others? Why?

I have two songs actually. The first one is “Gone When You Called” because I spilled my soul on there. It was one of the first songs I made for the album. I had a situation with a flame of mine and at the time we were so toxic with each other so that song explains it perfectly. The 2nd song was the intro because I was dealing with so many fake people at the time and I had a lot to get off my chest bout everything going on with my family and fake friends.

What was it like collaborating with the artists featured on “LYML”? How did these collaborations come to be?

The features I have on this album are people that I love working with or people I’ve always wanted to work with. For example, I got Saintblu on the song “So Good” and that happened because it was originally his song that he wanted me on, he sat on it for a while and I asked if I could have it, we always make great music together so I just had to get at them again. I got my brothers Remie J, Ezzy, and HENDRXX on here who basically shaped my sound. And for artists like Kevo and 5an, I have been wanting to work with them and we finally made it happen. Everything was supernatural.

How long was the creating and recording process for “LYML”? Could you please share a glimpse of what it entailed?

So I’ve been working on this project for about a year on and off. It went thru like 4 different titles, 2 different artworks and I changed the tracklist so many times I can’t even count. It was definitely hard to put all of this together because a lot of the songs on here are very personal. I cried while making the outro, I recorded Downfall when I was heavily depressed and was just getting off pills. This project was a rollercoaster of emotions you know what I’m saying so the process was very different and much rawer than anything else I’ve created.

How have you found yourself evolving as an artist through your musical journey?

When I started out, I was trying to be a carbon copy of J cole. The evolution of becoming an artist and not just a rapper has been very inspiring to not only me but fans of mine and people from my city. If “kamrn” 6 years ago could look at me now after making my first song, I don’t even think I’d believe it. I’ve grown so much and it’s only up from here.



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