Dive Into an Uplifting Thesis on Love With POst Annam's Single, "SHEILA"

POst Annam hails from Ghana as an Indie artist, taking inspiration from the American music scene while blending it with his African roots.

POst Annam has developed his sound through his musical journey of experimental resonance. With a unique sound ready for music lovers searching for new faces in the industry, the Ghanaian-born artist is looking forward to achieving more tremendous success through each release.

With undeniable energy that is augmented with an engaging juxtaposition, Post Annam has listeners going crazy over the release of “SHEILA.” Directly translating to the Australian slang of pretty young girl, this is POst Annam’s second release that transitions his inventive offerings to the Indie Pop realm of his artistry. Coating our very essence with prevailing vibrations, this laid-back melody captures the hearts of anyone out there who is in love.

You can’t help but find yourself instantaneously moved by this masterpiece as a whole body of work with sweet tenors in the delivery styles conveyed. Shining a light on the wide range of talents that Post Annam continues to reveal, you hear him solidifying his place in the music industry with untried sounds to touch on themes important to who he is as an artist and individual. Forming an untouchable ambiance in the way his vocalization collides with the instrumentation, we sink our teeth into the composition a little bit more with each listen.

Never one to follow the crowd, you hear the musical influences that Post Annam takes into his work as he factors in the truthfulness that lies in his veracity. “SHEILA” is most definitely the start of an innovative sound for the emerging artist before us.

Congratulations on the release of your second single, “SHEILA.” Could you please take us into what moment or story inspired the lyrical content in this song?

Yes, thank you for having me, when “SHEILA” was written at first, it’s was a story about convincing a girl to like you, but I quickly figured that the story had been told so many times, and I needed something different, so I came up with a story about how I left a girl and then realizing how precious she was to me, and that I wanted her back. During that time I had also ended a relationship with a girl to focus on my music, which also inspired the lyrics as well.

With you tapping into a different side of your artistry, how did your creative process differ on this release from your previous song?

“SHEILA” song comes from a lonely place I would say, I wrote this song at the bus station while I was waiting on a bus, I was alone during those times, I wanted a chill pop song for sad people that why I made the song. So I knew what kind of sound I was looking for compared to the previous release I was just experimenting with.

What themes and messages do you want your listeners to capture with your overall essence as an artist?

I want listeners and fans to enjoy this song and tap into POstAnnam music, I want this song to send a message that there are more great songs to come, and also show how versatile I am overall.

What are you looking the most forward to in your artistic career for the year 2021?

More music from me, more music videos as well. Looking to make major moves in 2021.