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Dive Into High Octane Energy With Ceeluxx.

Ceeluxx. hails from North Long Beach, California, as an artist who is eager to display her talents in the realm of Hip-hop. With writing her first song in 9th grade, she has flourished in a way that has her now venturing on a solo career destined for success.

We’ve come to realize that no matter how you're feeling, Ceeluxx. will be there to deliver a song to match your vibe.

Ready to take the music industry by storm, we have the recently released “T.Y.S,” being brought into full force by Ceeluxx. herself. Indulging in a fusion that embodies old-school Hip-hop tenors in the instrumentation, her vocal delivery is very much in the pocket of the new wave realm heard across the radio.

Picking up on the braggadocious essence of her unapologetic personality, Ceeluxx. ensures that listeners are kept on the hook with a punchy series of lyrics that drench her verses in swagger. A knack for wordplay by the charming use of metaphors and double entendres has us spiraling over the way she flexes her penmanship. As we hear the lyrics from her verses drift into a mesmerizing hook, we’re left wanting more of the emerging artists throughout this sonic voyage.

Ceeluxx. packs energy and allure, as she radiates confidence “T.Y.S.” Bearing it all and leaving no crumbs as she eats up the beat, the entrancing effects of this musical creation have you shifting gears and attempting to get on the same level as Ceeluxx. As the first female rapper to be making a name for herself from Long Beach, California, she proves that what she has can’t be bought, and nobody can bring it quite as she does.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ceeluxx.! Congratulations on the release of “T.Y.S.” You truly bring all the energy to this single! In your own words, what’s the meaning of this song to you?

The meaning of this song is really just me finding my voice & finally getting the courage to express my thoughts and feelings. Letting any and everyone know that Ima be blunt and say it how it is, no more sugar coating.

Who would you say is your typical fan? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from this music?

I would say my typical fan is a woman that has a lot to say and tired of the bull. Through my music, I’m hoping it gives anyone and every one the guts to either realize that they deserve better, create a change in their situation, and/or even stand up for themselves.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process of “T.Y.S,” looked like?

Whenever I’m writing, my creative process always differs. In this specific song “T.Y.S” I was honestly venting, due to a previous situation, I expressed myself in a song. I just wrote down my feelings which shifted into music. I get into the mindset of what I would say if I was in front of that person and the rest is history.

You’re looking to make history, and we’re here for it! With everyone’s idea of success being different, what does this mean to you?

My idea of success and making history is firstly becoming the first female artist/rapper from Long Beach, California. I want to be the voice for anyone that has been too shy to stand up for themselves or too intimidated to express how they feel. In my opinion, real success is making not only my dreams come true or financially but paving a way for other people also. Impacting other's lives by following my passion as well as setting up a future for my family.


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