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Dive Into Moonpop’s Electrically Versatile Release, “Crushed"

BuzzMusic introduces Alt/Techno band Moonpop, who come in absolute style and flair.

Collectively, Moonpop works to create artistic pieces that truly revel in inspiration. One of their latest 2021 single releases “Crushed," hits the mark on versatility and does so in a skillful way.

Explosive melodies erupt upon listening to “Crushed." Listeners are introduced to a rush of electric guitar riffs and techno-style synths. With a long instrumental introduction, we're granted the opportunity to sit back and truly harmonize with the track. “Crushed" has simplistic lyricism skillfully presented, adding alternative energy which is compelling in its own way. With the variety of synths, Moonpop integrates into “Crushed," there’s such a garnered attraction and it works to fixate the listener throughout the entirety of the song. With one minute left of the track, an electric guitar solo erupts, which in itself was stunning, elaborate, and cleverly done.

“Crushed” definitely isn’t a song to miss out on, as its originality alone is reason enough to allow Moonpop’s soundscape to fill your listening ears and join your playlists.

Hello Moonpop and welcome to BuzzMusic. With your recent single release, “Crushed”, came an extraordinarily blended sound. What inspired the melody and production of the song?

Thank you! Honestly, the guitar riff came to me one day while messing around with a bunch of guitar pedals. It sounded like some sort of sunny psychedelic surf song to me and thought it would be cool to add a lot of spacey synths and effects to expand on that. My goal for producing music is mainly to shock the audience that hears it, whether they love it or hate it. I believe art has to shock.

Diving more into the lyricism of “Crushed," can you explain what drove the chosen lyrics and what you strived for your listeners to take away from the song?

I just wanted to express the thoughts that go through a really pensive person's mind when being ignored by someone or something they have a huge crush on. I knew it was a little cliché as the subject of a song so I decided to go with something kind of vague and more open to interpretation rather than just feeding the audience the direct idea of the song.

Were there any subtle genre elements integrated into “Crushed” that Moonpop was hoping would be detected amongst listeners?

Probably the surf rock elements. I tried to make it as clear as possible with the drumbeat but I think with the synths and other effects I added it might get pushed on the back burner a bit. Also, it's a bit of a dying art so that doesnt help a bunch either.

Going forward with Moonpop’s creative process, are there any aspects of your sound that will be diversified even further than it is now?

Yeah, I don't like being stuck in a box. Even though I do love retro genres as well as lead guitars with heavy borderline shoegaze effects, I do like the idea of experimenting with contemporary genres such as rap or really sugary pop. In simplest terms, I want to keep my guitar-heavy sound while being a multi-genre artist.

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

I'd have to say Cigerette by Zane Penny. It was his debut track and he and his team really knocked it out of the park. Been stuck in my head for months.


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