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Dive Into The Eclectic Nature Of Ayla Ray

The diverse, musical trio known as Ayla Ray has peaked our senses with their genre-defying resonance. Evolution is a main factor for the group and amongst singer-songwriter Sam Tenhoff, bassist-producer Raven Liss, and newly netted drummer-producer Ian McCullough, we get swept away in the inspiration that tours us through a myriad of elusiveness.

Delivering anticipation in the form of an amplified rush, “See Me in the Trees” is the latest sonic and visual component to come pouring from the band's music catalog. With a tight-knit relationship and no pressure to stay within one creative mind frame, we get to pick up on a canvas of expression. Filmed across Alaska, viewers are in for a true cinematic experience as they take in nature and simplicity that coincide with descriptive lyrics.

For those looking to tune into the imaginative depth offered up, Ayla Ray is a force to be reckoned with. Check out their full interview with BuzzMusic, here.


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