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Divergent Rock Band Visitor Releases Buzzing Track "Apollo Chaos"

Los Angeles Rock band Visitor is hitting the music scene at full swing with recent music. The band has been working on their future album 'Origin Threshold', which is set to contain a very distinctive sound of Visitor. Collectively, Visitor has the goal in mind of creating memorable music that holds a certain quality of substance for listeners. They've flourished with their sound and found ways to incorporate a variety of stylings, such as metal and slight Motown elements.

Visitor's latest single "Apollo Chaos", off of 'Origin Threshold', was debuted to listeners, and the track houses many stylings from the Grunge Rock music scene. Collectively, the band aims to maintain a unified sound that makes listeners feel full of buzzing energy. "Apollo Chaos" brings forth a different kind of energy, one that is buzzing, but more mellow in tone. Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Chuck Alkazian, "Apollo Chaos" brings a reminiscent feel of early 00's alternative rock soundings, which allow for a sense of familiarity. "Apollo Chaos" was strategically constructed by the band to capture their audacious sound. Drawing from real-life experiences, "Apollo Chaos" is one journey to really focus in on, as there's a prominent message from Visitor here that can be easily extracted.

Discover the soundings of Visitors in their single "Apollo Chaos", here.

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