Divine Opulence Shimmers in the Psychedelic Fusion of Firebug's Latest Single "Run"

Inspired by Classic Rock and Blues soundscapes, four-piece band FireBug consists of Juliette Tworsey on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, Jules Shapiro on lead guitar, acoustic guitar, and Hammond organ Joseph Noval rhythmically on the bass, and Matt Lucich forming the drum patterns.

Firebug began their musical journey in the Wicker Park neighborhood by Chicago natives Juliette Tworsey and Jules Shapiro. The two found each other through a mutual friend who thought they should get together and work on music as they had similar musical tastes and influences. Moving to Los Angeles, they made their home in Joshua Tree, California, where they found Joseph Noval and Matt Lucich in 2020.

Living by the quote "Go where the river flows," Firebug takes their musical sounds in that direction as they fashion invigorating songs that tap into your energy.

Recorded and mixed at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, we are mesmerized by the captivating release of Firebug's latest single, "Run." The enthralling opulence of the musical environment heard in this single offers up a soothing collection of sounds that tapper into the divine enormity of the grand scheme of their quintessence.

With the thesis of "Run," falling upon finding a way out of a problematic situation where world events often seem out of your control, there is a driving sense of hopefulness that mystically stimulates your inner emotions as you take in the sonic excursion playing from your speakers. The genre-bending illusions that Firebug intentionally sets in their music have you simmering in what you would classify as a Psychedelic, Blues experience that invites glimmers of Folk and Rock to the party.

The reverberated tones that leak a passion-fueled offering of lush vocals have the elements of time and space overflowing in a perfected concoction of ethereal dreamscapes." Run" has your mind fixated on the vivid imagery that Firebug puts into play as they continue to dive deeper through the sonic progression. Leaving you in the sense of poignant tenors, you can feel the non-musical inspiration that drives Firebug seeping into your cognizant universe. If you're looking for a sense of release, feel all the weight being lifted in "Run."

Congratulations on the release of “Run.” We love the direction that this song embarks on! Could you please take us into the creative process that brought this song to listeners? Thank you for having us! Really glad you like the song! As we were preparing to go into Rancho De La Luna with producer Chris Goss, we were trying to decide which of the new songs that we had been working on had the strongest potential to be successful as a single release. As we were going back and forth between a few different songs, we selectively agreed that "Run" was the best contender. What was it like working with Queens Of The Stone Age producer Chris Goss, mix engineer Edmund Mosef and mastering engineer Eddie Schreyer to achieve the desired sound of this record? Working with producer Chris Goss was an awesome experience. He has a great ear, a great personality, and is fun to work with. Recording in Joshua Tree at Rancho De Luna with engineer Edmund Monsef really heightened the creative process as we were working through the various nuances to make the song come alive! Eddie Schreyer is one of the best mastering engineers out there so we were really happy to have him master the track at Oasis Mastering. We feel really fortunate to have had such amazing teamwork on this song with us. What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the message that you have placed into “Run?"

We hope that the takeaway is that even in difficult times where the challenges and hurdles seem insurmountable, there is always an alternative pathway that leads to a better time and place. We also hope that people get a sense of comfort in knowing that it's alright to feel a bit uncertain about where things are going in a world that is in a constant flux of change. This is a natural human feeling. It's a song of hope that things always get better in the end. What is your ideal creative space for the band to get together and craft some magical sounds?

The ideal creative space for us would be to get together in an environment that doesn't have too many distractions from the outside world. We love the surroundings of an outdoor, natural environment. Being in such an environment really helps when trying to really get inside of a song or a specific sound.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What can we expect to see next from you?

Our love of music is what inspires us to create music. It's about the sound, the creative process, being emotive, and connecting with others. We're dreamers really. Quite simply, we believe that music can make the world a better place. We've been working on a batch of new tunes that we feel quite strongly about. In this time of isolation that we have all been experiencing during Covid, we have had even more time to work on new material, so in that regard, we have been quite busy. People can expect to hear more of our moody side in the future.