Diving Deep Into Alexya's Life and Her Latest Single “Sick of Love Songs”

Hey Alexya, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re swooned by your incredible vocal abilities and delivery on your latest single “Sick of Love Songs”. Your lyrics on the track are deeply well written and easily relatable! Could you expand on what Alexya’s writing process was like when creating “Sick of Love Songs”?

What’s good BuzzMusic, thank you for the welcome and support. You know, it really is a relief that you guys like the song haha. I’ve never gotten to the studio so vulnerable before. It was a little nerve-wracking being so emotional in the studio, but hey it was a super cathartic process for me and I’m at peace people relate! Something like over a week before I was scheduled to be recorded, there was Kobe’s passing and then a childhood friend had passed away later that week… and it was just, simply put, overwhelming. I was supposed to write to a completely different track for the session, but I asked my friend if he had a “bluer” beat laying around and he sent me the ‘Sick of Love Songs” track and I loved it; it just hit the spot for me. I got in the studio when I was scheduled and I was pretty surprised what words and melodies were coming out of me haha. I ended up writing/singing about feelings for someone I didn’t know I had in me somewhere… ugh, imagine haha. But yeah it was a fun, pour-of-emotions kind of writing session.

Even though your single is titled “Sick of Love Songs”, the track is a beautifully written love song and takes some interesting turns throughout the piece. Could you share with our readers what makes “Sick of Love Songs” different from all the other R&B love songs out there?

I think “Sick of Love Songs” is unique in that it has nostalgic sounds from Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, and even a little Reggae timing in the pre before the chorus. I love the stacked harmonies in Mariah Carey’s classics and how Toni Braxton would just sing as low as she can with her melodies on her verses. I love writing with my co-writer, Angie Irons because she and I both have a very wide musical palette. The instrumental itself is cool and not too “dressed up”, so it was fun getting to play with vocal swoons and harmonies. 

You’ve already had quite the journey into the music industry, and finally blossoming as a solo artist. How do you think your past group work has helped your independent music thrive?

Being in the Fabulous Girls was so tight. It’s cool when I get people here and there who reach out to me because they remember who I was then and are excited to see where I am going now. When the group moved on, it was a little scary but I recalled the lessons I learned and the experience has preserved me and my safety moving forward. Sometimes, I remember sort of how P would do things business-wise and I was able to keep working with the group’s vocal coach, who is writing with me now, Angie. 

Now that you’re a solo artist and creating music that represents yourself, what messages do you want to get across about Alexya’s brand and what you stand for?

Oh man, I like this question haha. At the moment, I hope when people interact with me or my music, I hope they experience this sense of freedom in what is called “chingon/a”. It’s a Spanish word meaning badass basically haha. But to me, it means: “no rush, you got this, just get ready for the dinner”. So ya! Hope they experience that sense of relief and confidence vibe.

Check out “Sick of Love Songs” here.