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Diving Deep Into Black Note Graffiti’s Scorching Single “Inch X Inch”

The five-piece rock band Black Note Graffiti is back on BuzzMusic, highlighting their latest flaming single “Inch X Inch”.

More recently, Black Note Graffiti has been busy putting the final touches on their upcoming EP “Volume III”, set to release fall of 2020. With their most recent interview with us, Black Note Graffiti mentioned that “Inch X Inch” was inspired by lead vocalist Gabby standing in a treacherous Chick-fil-A line that moved inch by inch, later realizing that this meaning can be reflected towards relationships that are long overdue and don’t go anywhere.

With scorching instrumentals once again, Black Note Graffiti strikes back as a force to be reckoned with.

Taking a listen to their single “Inch X Inch”, right from the jump we know exactly where Black Note Graffiti is going with this powerful piece. Gabby Bryant sings lyrics of needing something else to keep her heart alive, instead of repeating the same grueling situations over again.

The instrumentation is incredibly heavy on this track, from Ricardo Ortiz and Kris Keller’s anthemic electric guitar, Kurt Keller’s punchy drums, Adam Nine’s persistent bassline, and Gabby Bryant’s powerhouse vocals. With “Inch X Inch” in mind, we’re only expecting greatness for Black Note Graffiti’s upcoming “Volume III” EP dropping this fall, and following their previous EP’s “Volume II” and “Volume I."

Be sure to check out their latest single “Inch X Inch”, and return to us for more information about Black Note Graffiti’s upcoming EP “Volume III."

Dive into “Inch X Inch” here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Black Note Graffiti! Once again, we’re blasting your single “Inch X Inch” without a single disappointment. Why do you think the single has been so successful amongst your audience?

This is one of the first tunes that this line up of artists in BNG had written together.  The funky wah and big guitars make it a kick-ass groove played by myself 'Kris' and Ricardo!  Strong vocals from Gabrielle and strong backing vocals from Ricardo that also came out stellar.  Also, a great thing in this recording is the tuned down bass riffs by Adam and straight-up rock n roll percussion by Kurt. One of our favorite parts is the Piano part of the bridge.  A nontraditional way to write a rock song that makes it unique. What I love about this song is it has both feminine and masculine characteristics which are always a recipe for great art! We’ve heard that Black Note Graffiti is releasing the third volume to a three-part project titled “Volume III”. Could you give us a sneak peek as to what we should expect from the project? There are two EP's coming out for Volume III.  Volume III "Fall" will be out June 26th on all digital platforms and " Volume III"Rise" will be out later this summer.  This all fell into place with what is going on with the world today.  These two EP's are a reflection of what is happening in our fragile human world right now!  The second part of this EP "Rise" will be even bigger and better sounding. Onward and Upward!  Speaking on your single “Inch X Inch”, Black Note Graffiti mentioned that this track is about rebellion and entrapment. How did the five of you execute the songwriting process and discuss what lyrics fit the track? Gabrielle wrote the lyrics for this song.  She brought the idea to the band and we all contributed ideas and it fell right into place. With Black Note Graffiti’s most recent interview with BuzzMusic, you stated that each volume EP shows a great increase in songwriting, performance, and recording quality. How close is BNG to finishing up the project, and what sort of work are you currently doing with the “Volume III” EP? Volume III "Rise" will be out later this year.  We are still putting the final tweaks on that record.  But I will say it just keeps getting better.  To say we are stoked to share these tunes with the rest of the world is an understatement!

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