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Dizzy Tells His Truth In “Let’s Talk Facts”

Dizzy has released his latest single “Let’s Talk Facts”. “Let’s Talk Facts” was a hard-hitting track that had tough punchlines and bars that we thoroughly loved! “Let’s Talk Facts” kept the momentum high as Dizzy gave us an excessively skilled wordplay and precise delivery that had us completely intuned with the song. What’s dope about “Let’s Talk Facts” is how you can hear Dizzy’s unique rap vocals and personality radiate throughout.

“Let’s Talk Facts” is the perfect song you can ride around with your friends and catch a vibe too. Dizzy is an incredible talent who has embraced his culture, background, and roots. Growing up in Milwaukee, people tend to automatically assume the worst about the city. However, for Dizzy, he was able to find comfort in the most dangerous places in the city. Dizzy is an authentic and raw hip hop artist who represents the true essence of underground rap culture. If we're talking facts, then that’s what we’re dealing with here! A promising artist who has the potential to become the biggest icon of the next decade if he continues to make memorable and catchy hits like “Let’s Talk Facts”. Dizzy undeniably deserves himself a spot on your favorite urban playlist. “Let’s Talk Facts” was a great offering that promised us a bright future for Dizzy as an artist.

Listen to “Let’s Talk Facts” by Dizzy here!



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