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DJ BLKLUOS Returns With New Single And Video For, “NO CHANGE”

DJ BLKLUOS, well known for his works with Prodigy (Mobb Deep) and features on MTV, releases an EP featuring seven records from Nova Scotia's own rising star HATFIELD. Already having released five unforgettable singles together, the pair linked up in Toronto, locked themselves in the studio for five days, and created a lot more than just seven tracks, including a music video to "NO CHANGE."

"NO CHANGE" has a number of deep lines & lyrics about the wars that happen on the block and how it felt to be him, witnessing it all first-hand. He speaks about how he doesn't let anything get him down, whether it's something he feels strongly about or something in his everyday life. With the automatic vibey feel from the instrumental, it takes us away and gives us some lyrical gems we can relate to, like "Last year I was hurt, I refuse that."

DJ BLKLUOS on the production side of things, kept it Brooklyn with the groove and the sounds selected along with the VHS-styled visuals to craft this nostalgic vibe. "NO CHANGE" music video depicts the nostalgic sounds perfectly, taking you back in time; the 90's hip-hop era, to be exact; when Brooklyn had gained mass attention and everyone's ears were fixated on the city's hip-hop creators.

With their newest project and music video to "NO CHANGE" amassing views and gaining traction on YouTube, be sure to be on the look for more music from this duo of talent.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DJ BLKLUOS and HATFIELD, and congratulations on your latest single, "NO CHANGE." We love your new single. What inspired the nostalgic 90's feel of this song, and what kind of headspace were you in when you did?

DJBLKLUOS: Thanks so much for featuring us on BuzzMusic. It truly means alot.

Honestly, this track was created so; naturally, I played the beat for Hatfield, and within minutes, he was writing his verses. I wasn't even sure he would like the beat, but once I heard his bars, I knew it was going to be a vibe. Lyrically he killed it, and I was impressed that he chose such a melodic 90s-type beat. This track and record is a statement.

We were showcasing our versatility.

With this record being one of the main singles off your collaboration project, what makes this record so special to you and HATFIELD?

DJBLKLUOS: For me, what makes this record so special is that we were able to lock in the studio and create good work chemistry. Instead of trading files back and forth through Gmail, so I knew we had to shoot a visual.

HATFIELD: This record is special to me because it's organically raw hip hop in its purest form. There are no antics, no gimmicks, nothing other than two talents coming together to bring the world top-tier art. On this record, it's being shown the pair of us, as artists, aren't using anything other than the skills crafted to showcase that Canada is full of amazing black creators.

The music video is a blast from the past. How did you come up with the concept and locations that you filmed at?

DJBLKLUOS: I wanted our video to have that 90s hip hop video look and feel to match the song. We shot the video in a studio as well as downtown Toronto, and it was cold AF outside; haha, ask Hatfield.

Both of your influences in the music industry speak volumes. What is your main objective when creating the legacy that you'd like to leave behind?

DJBLKLUOS: My main objective when producing is to give the artist Im working with the perfect audio canvas to create and tell their stories or experiences. My objective for creating a legacy is to make timeless music but not be boxed into one genre.

What's next for you?

DJBLKLUOS: Everything is next! I'm currently getting ready to release Bootleg Szn 5 (a remix series I started a few years ago). Expect another project with Hatfield this summer. More EPs, music videos, and show dates.



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