DJ G.O.D. Offers Modern R&B With His Atmospheric Single, "LDLHA (feat. Deja B.)"

The Miami native and industry fiend DJ G.O.D. takes us through the sweet stylings of R&B with his latest single, "LDLHA (feat. Deja B.)." DJ G.O.D. has served many hours to our music industry through executive and creative endeavors, making him a highly familiar name. With countless entrepreneurial experiences and helping artists achieve their visions through DJ G.O.D.'s extensive industry knowledge, it would be a shame to miss such an in-depth creator do what he does best. Especially on his latest collaboration with Deja B., the two offer fire that smokes our speakers.

DJ G.O.D. and his latest hit "LDLHA (feat. Deja B.)" take listeners on a sultry and modern R&B journey through tightly-wound production and Deja B's powerful and intriguing vocals. While Deja B. sings a reflective and empowering message of standing her ground, DJ G.O.D.'s production comes through to support her powerful message.

"LDLHA (feat. Deja B)" starts with droning background keys that meet spacey synths, offering the song a celestial and ambient atmosphere. Once Deja B's melodic vocals appear, she begins singing of the trials and tribulations she's seen from her significant other that can't seem to treat her the way she deserves.

What makes the track all the more intriguing is DJ G.O.D.'s intricate R&B production, offering all sorts of complex drum breaks, melodic background synths that provide immense space, and incredible vocal production driving the song deeper. Ending the song on a sweet and introspective note, we love the heart and soul that the entire single offers.

DJ G.O.D. has taken modern R&B to new places with his single "LDLHA (feat. Deja B.)," alongside Deja B.'s sweet and warm vocals, the song offers a blaring sense of independence and inner-worth.

Hello DJ G.O.D. and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're swooned by the passion and power you've infused into your single, "LDLHA (feat. Deja B.)." How did you initially begin creating the song, what inspired you to take this atmospheric R&B tone?

Like every song on the Love Is Love album, this song was also written for a mainstream artist in which we decided to pull back and keep. Far as choosing the tone, we felt the need to put the substance back into R&B, something the people could feel like the 90's R&B joints.

Why did you want Deja B. to feature on your track "LDLHA (feat. Deja B.)," what pulled you towards her musical stylings to collaborate?

Deja has a record titled ‘BluePrint’ on her debut album Open the Door in which her hook pours out so much vulnerability; so we knew from there that Deja would deliver the correct tone because not only she has the vocal ability to do so, but she also has the charisma.

Speaking on the incredible vocal feature from Deja B. within "LDLHA (feat. Deja B.)," what was your collaboration like? Did you share the songwriting process, or did Deja B. write her own lyrics?

Honestly, I almost thought the record wasn't going to happen because I caught up to Deja during the time she had just signed with Equity Distribution which is a branch at Roc Nation. Also, her schedule was busy writing for others. I had already written the hook and intro verse on a voice memo; Deja cleaned up the intro verse and flipped it to the pre-hook, also writing the verses, adding harmonies, etc., making it a masterpiece.

How does "LDLHA (feat. Deja B.)" help listeners get to know you and your artistic brand better? Do you usually create such ambient R&B, or do you experiment with other sounds as well?

Our target audience is those who appreciate real R&B, meaning R&B that tells stories rather than this new age R&B that talks about cars, jewelry, and just material things in general. The Love Is Love project is all about being relatable to the average couple; tapping in on the ups and downs of what love brings.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Real R&B is to be expected anytime you hear Musicbox's name attached to it, and that goes for any genre of music for that matter. The Love Is Love R&B project complete now and it's featuring some extremely talented indie acts such as Qiuntellii, S. R. Soul, GeorgiaReign, LoverBoy Trè, Nick Lavelle, and of course, Deja B. Definitely be on the lookout for the R&B makeover of the '80s hit Roxanne featuring S.R. Soul and be on the lookout for ‘Can I Come Over: Makeup Sex' featuring LoverBoy Trè of Jacquees's boy band Bluff City. GeorgiaReign is delivering a much-needed message with Heartbreaks & Roses, Nick Lavelle went bananas with Anything, Qiuntellii is asking a serious question on Is It Over: yeah, I say to be highly anticipating the whole damn Love Is Love R&B project.