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DJ Jism Drops a Dynamic Debut EP With, 'Dejj Vs Jism'

The Nigeria-born Canadian-based Producer DJ Jism releases his first entire body of work with a debut EP, 'Dejj VS Jism.'

Accompanied by various artists on this project, DJ Jism offers nothing but versatility. Getting hooked on music production and Dj'ing while in secondary school, DJ Jism later found himself amassing broad attention after performances with acts like Tory Lanez, Murda Beatz, and Major Lazor.

Always remembering those who helped him on his path to success, DJ Jism constantly shows appreciation to his followers with each release. Recently releasing his EP 'Dejj Vs Jism,' DJ Jism mentioned that the project is a documentary that showcases his journey and experience over time.

Opening the EP with the introductory track, "Who Am I (feat. Lina & AJ)," we're met with this intense vocal production that resembles an early Travis Scott, yet quickly, DJ Jism comes through to drop a heated Dancehall/Hip-Hop beat. While Lina begins singing her sweet vocals that add incredible ambiance to the song, she's contrasted by the flavorful likes of AJ, who sinks the song deeper into passion and love. We can't help but feel drawn to the intricate and dynamic production of DJ Jism, as he fuels this song with the warmest of vibes that take us to picturesque places with help from shimmering synths, melodic piano, and tight drum patterns.

Onto the second track, "Saucy (feat. Lady Donli)," we're lost in the song's vibrant atmosphere within seconds. The track opens with an upbeat drum kick and Lady Donli's rhythmic vocal delivery, as she sings with the utmost energy and texture while offering a relatable and emotional lyrical message of pushing through the hard times. We love the passion that the hook has to offer, as DJ Jism gives us an incredibly groovy sonic atmosphere with a thumping bassline, floating background pads, and brilliant drum breaks that bring us to radiant places. Ending the song off with Lady Donli's luminous vocals and DJ Jism's textured production, we love the sunny vibes of this upbeat track.

Opening the next track "DeDe (feat. D1wav)," with similar drums and tempo to the previous tune, we're left grooving with the upbeat sonic stylings of DJ Jism as he opens this tune with hard drum hits, flavorful synths, and wavy electric guitar pulses. As D1wav begins vocalizing with incredible energy and passion, he brings us into the warmth of the islands with the song's glimmering production, organic tones, and vibrant delivery. We adore the tight and fresh production by DJ Jism, as he offers an incredible dynamic range through the sweet sonic elements that drive us into brighter days.

Landing on the fourth track, "Privacy (feat. Esquire, A. Beeb, & Jms)," we're completely submerged into the song's gripping atmosphere right off the bat. DJ Jism opens the track with pulsating synths, crisp vocal chops, and a hefty beat drop. While the production offers this vibrating and exhilarating sub-bass, we can feel similarities to the production stylings of Skepta and Pop Smoke, especially with help from the intoxicating rappers on this track. The featured artists deliver heightened vibes with their brilliant bars and dynamic verses, sinking the track deeper into perfection with each haunting and refreshing element. Ending off on a powerful note, we deeply admire the depth and arrangement within this blistering piece.

Moving onto the next piece, "Eye for an Eye (feat. 148 & Tigris)," we're drenched in the heat of the song within seconds as DJ Jism opens the track with upbeat piano melodies, haunting strings, and profound drum breaks. When we mentioned the likes of Pop Smoke, we must note that this track offers an entire ode to the late great rapper and performer. Listening to the featured rappers, 148 and Tigris bring an incredible performance through their similar vocal tones to Pop, while making the song their own with the exhilarating production and incredibly meaningful bars. This piece might just be our favorite off of the EP, as we absolutely adore the sonic and lyrical depth of this track.

Jumping into the sixth track, "Don Julio (feat. D.O.A to the World)," DJ Jism slows it does and offers an ode to Spanish-inspired music through sweet guitar melodies and tight shakers. As the beat drops with D.O.A to the World's melodic vocals, he sings an incredibly passionate message of being enthralled by someone's ways whilst sipping on 1942 Don Julio. We love the textured sonic atmosphere that this track delivers, as DJ Jism brings us deeper into the vibe with his meticulous arrangement and down-tempo beat, fueling our speakers with a serene atmosphere that's hard to come by. Ending the piece off with a production breakdown, we can't get enough of the wavy and unique sonic vibes from DJ Jism.

Leaving the EP with the outro track, "Celebration (feat. 148)," we're met with more of an organic vibe through this piece. Not to mention the array of synths within this track, DJ Jism grabs our attention with the plucky guitars, serene piano melodies, and brass elements. Giving us tones of Dancehall and Soca through this upbeat track, we must also note the engaging performance by 148, as he goes from singing to rapping while giving thanks to the powers above for the success he's seen. Ending the EP off with an incredibly lighthearted and mellow tune, we're highly impressed with the sonic depth that DJ Jism has captured within this project.

Familiarize yourself with the brilliant stylings of DJ Jism on his debut EP, 'Dejj Vs Jism,' as he's accompanied by highly talented and skilled artists that push the EP with boundless success.

Hello DJ Jism, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on releasing your debut EP 'Dejj Vs Jism.' What inspired you to create an in-depth project like this?

There are multiple factors that went into crafting this project. Personally, producing has always been a passion but I have never had the opportunity to create an entire body of work that told my story. So, “Dejj Vs Jism” gave me that opportunity, to channel the energy of mourning family members, and to speak through my emotions as an artist on my life changes. Equally important, I hope that creating an in-depth project such as this inspires other upcoming producers to take control of their craft, and not feel “stuck” hoping for the perfect artist. I wanted to show the world that I could produce and weave multiple genres, awhile keeping my authenticity.

How long was your EP 'Dejj Vs Jism' in the making? When did you begin finding ideas for the project?

I started working on the project in January 2020. I was still working a full-time job then and told myself after work I’d try to make 3 solid beat ideas and send them out to the various artist. Throughout the process of I was surprised by how many responses I got from various artists that were down to be featured on this “producers” tape. From here, I decided to put together a team of talented individuals in various fields from photography/videography, Visual design, creative directing, and got some friends to be executive producers. For me, I think of music transnationally, so the influences in finding ideas for the project came from the UK, Canada, US, Caribbean, and Nigeria. It was a process I see and feel as organic because it is based on the music that I listen to and connect with.

What sort of vibes and atmospheres were you initially striving to achieve within your EP 'Dejj Vs Jism,' and how did you execute your sonic vision?

As a DJ, I wanted to set a vibe of being versatile with the songs all together. I wanted at least one song to resonate with listeners. If you’re more into afrobeat, trap, grime, or drill there is at least one song you can vibe with. In terms of the sonic vision, one of my strengths as a producer is finding the right sounds that blend well together. I also love finding new sounds and tweaking them to sound unique.

Seeing as your EP 'Dejj Vs Jism' features various rappers and vocalists, what was your experience like when collaborating with these artists for your project?

Collaborating can be tough, but I believe to be successful working with artists there needs to be both criticality and respect. I found this out during the process as it was tough to send out beats and have to wait days or weeks to get a demo back, but I respected everyone's process. As an up-and-coming artist/producer sometimes I felt tension being critical of established artists, yet I felt it was needed for both mine and their success. As I felt everyone involved invested emotionally and creativity into the project so being critical of each other's work was something important to the process.

Is there a track off of your EP 'Dejj Vs Jism' that's your favorite? Why might this be?

I understand the question, but if I am being honest I do not have a favorite track right now. As I am listening back to the EP as I write, I felt every song is special and was crafted in an intentional and personal way. Finally, this project would not have been possible to achieve without everyone who has been involved not only in the project but believing in me as an artist that I could potentially be successfully doing what I am passionate about.



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