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DJ Marymoon Released Her New Album, “NALU”

The well-known visual artist, music producer, and DJ Marymoon released her most awaited album Nalu a few months ago. Marymoon lived up to her fans this time again by receiving great responses from them. The album consists of three energetic tracks and one creative EP i.e., For love and lemons, Vampire’s Wife, Okean, and Nalu. Each track has enchanting music beats which make you move. The listeners are loving it and giving appreciated feedback.

The album was recorded by Anathema Records Label and is available on multiple popular online music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc.

Nowadays thousands of music producers and DJs are showing their exquisite talents in the music industry. One of these shining music producers/DJs is Marymoon who is rising above gradually. She has given some prominent winning performances in the past for some of which she received awards.

Marymoon received her graduation degree from Sotheby’s Institute of Arts in London. After completing her studies, she began chasing her passion for electronic music, digital visual arts, and painting. She took every opportunity to participate in any activity regarding her passions to show the world her skills and assert herself.

“My passion for art has been there since I was little. I was always drawn to painting. Music was a part of my life like any other kid growing up. In the background, I went through various phases, but painting always remained my strongest passion. I guess that’s how I ended up in Sobethys.”

In the field of digital visual arts, Marymoon organized various multimedia exhibitions in cities like St. Petersburg, New York, and London. She performed in the famous art exhibition Venice Biennale as a visual artist. Participating in such huge activities eventually took her to a Hollywood studio full of hardware drum machines and modular synthesizers which lead her to fulfill her other passion; electronic music producing. The studio offered a golden opportunity for her to improve and channel her energetic creativeness into her signature sound.

While working in the studio, Marymoon launched her debut EP by working with one of the most popular Russian electronic music labels of the time Human Resources Label. This opened her way to play in a lot of prominent DJ sets at recognizable electronic dance music platforms such as Burning Man and Space Ibiza where she also received awards for her debut Live PA performances. Marymoon’s winning journey began from there. After that, she got a lot of offers regarding her electronic music production. Recently she has been awarded for her appearances at Secret Garden Party, Cova Santa, and a few others.

All the tracks of her recent album Nalu are composed differently from each other giving a specific enjoyable flow of beats. Using her intimidating music skills, Marymoon designed each track considering particular ideas for example the track ‘For love and lemons’ regarding its name composed of Liquicity beats.

“Sound-wise I always try to stay true to the elements I like using, which I hope to create a journey charged with a lot of emotions, and the story behind each track.”

Just like this, the song in the album Okean is a Russian word that means Ocean. She named it after her son. Marymoon shared in an interview that she composed this track when she was pregnant with her son Ocean.

“….I was making this one while I was still pregnant with him, and I picked this one exploring the emotions of what I imagined at the time I would feel like when he was born. However, nothing prepares you for the reality of what you feel when your first baby is actually born.”

Marymoon didn’t share much about her next project however she is planning a USA tour. She is going to visit cities such as Miami, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


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