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DJ Shadex Releases Party Track “In My Feelings”

DJ Shadex is an 16 year old EDM producer who is living in Austria who started producing ever since the tender age of 12 years old. A young prodigy, he already has the skills and talent needed to make a career filled with longevity and success.

DJ Shadex released his single titled “In My Feelings” which is the perfect getaway song for the summer. While listening to this record I instantly painted an image in my head of the club scene in a breezy exotic location with good vibes, good people, good food, and good music. “In My Feelings” brings the positive and upbeat energy to the party! Who doesn’t love a good dance tune with charismatic lyrics of passion and romance as the theme? We all love the feeling that summer brings us and DJ Shadex helps emphasize on those emotions in “In My Feelings”. What we also thoroughly enjoyed about the song was how it was a clear representation of youth. In today’s culture of EDM it’s rare we hear of teenage DJ’s bringing the hits but ironically, today’s teenagers are huge fans of the genre of EDM and everything it has to offer. DJ Shadex can turn the tables of the youth but also somebody who can compete with the best of the best in the game! We’re excited to see where DJ Shadex goes with his career.

Check out this hot summer track here. Read more with the young, up and coming, DJ Shadex below!

Hello, a big welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about yourself and what made you get into music?

Hey! I'm 16 years old and I started to work with music when I was 12 years old. I live in a small village in Austria. My mother speaks German. I usually get my ideas for new music from Playstation games and also when I watch a movie or am out and about in nature. I knew very early that I was not like the other kids I always wanted to have a special hobby. I came across the concert of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike in Tomorrowland and realized that this is what I want and that I can do in the future. My great passion is to show the world that it does not matter where you come from, it can also make it from an 800 person village to one of the best DJs in the world. But the biggest motivation is that I can prove it to my father and many friends that you can do it.

What inspired you to begin DJing?

I inspired by the concert of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike in Tomorrowland 2014 and the live sets of Nicky Romero.

What are some challenges you find in your career?

A big challenge is to make a name for yourself in the world of music. In production, the biggest challenges for me are to set the bass. But I always say what you really want you can do that too, of course you have to work a lot for it and you must never lose sight of the goal.

Tell us about “In My Feelings”? What was your vision behind the song?

In My Feelings was very random and I wanted to make a future bass track that was totally off the mark, but it turned out to be a cool track and I thought it was pretty boring then I started looking for a voice that I found. After the instrumental version "In your feelings" means I thought the lyric was about to feel so I came to IN MY FEELINGS. But I'm very happy that I've messed up the future bass attempt because otherwise would never have created such a nice chill song.

How do you plan on elevating your next song from “In My Feelings” ?

I would say man makes small and big progress from song to song. I'll definitely look for the melody on the next song and the drop. Since I have my opinion, still up.

What’s next for you?

I hope that I can come in a label that can help me to improve my music and also to spread and that I can also start with concerts. Secondly, that I can make songs with other producers and singers.


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