DJ SpreadJoy, Part Of Collective Irie Stylers, Releases Smooth Fusion Of Genres In “Dubsteady”

Canadian good vibes selector DJ SpreadJoy linked up with Venezuelan producer Luis Caldera to lay the foundation of the rocksteady song “Dubsteady” was initiated. Rocksteady is a genre that came from ska, and it is a precursor to reggae. After Luis laid the bass, percussion, and guitar, DJ SpreadJoy connected with NYC based Matt Giella to add the trumpet. To round off the track, SpreadJoy sought the work of reggae pianist Adrian Norén from Sweden. The song lead to the release of an EP album of the same title, including previous works and additional tracks orchestrated by DJ SpreadJoy. The rocksteady, ska and reggae fused funky dubs EP of sweet sounds and nice vibes was released August 30th on all major music platforms, featuring even more international artists with the collective group name as the Irie Stylers.

“Dubsteady” offers the fullness of a live reggae band, along with a notable ska aura that fuses with that raw musicality in an energizing way. Where many instrumental compositions follow a progressive and somewhat experimental story-line, there are definite threads of familiarity throughout this piece. Moments of melody and flickers of character, all of which help “Dubsteady” feel like a recognizable song in many ways. It’s an unusual quality but one that helps present a level of identity that will likely allow listeners to connect the music to the artist in an instant after hearing it even just once. There are stages to “Dubsteady”, moments of change and evolution. All the while though, the energy remains at a constant high, the piano and the horns keep hopefulness and brightness at the forefront of the experience. There’s just the added benefit of movement to help hold tight to your interest. I highly recommend you give “Dubsteady” a listen and stay tuned for more! 

Check out “Dubsteady” here and read more with DJ SpreadJoy below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What does the release of the “Dubsteady” EP represent for you?

Thank you for having us! This EP is the first release by the Irie Stylers and SpreadJoy Entertainment. Prior to the thought of the EP, I had worked with artists and producers to create sounds of various genres to DJ with. Before the passing of my father, he got to hear the first and third track. When initially thinking of releasing some of the works, I wanted do something nostalgic that would appeal to him and all generations. He didn't get to hear the second track he inspired that would set the theme and tie together the other tracks, but I can see him tapping his foot or standing up to dance with his walker. To me the EP represents the countless music lessons my dad took me to, along with all of his love and support.

What feelings do you hope to instil in your listeners when they hear your music?

Overall I hope to instill joy, comfort and freedom through music. With this EP I wanted a rocksteady nostalgia feeling that takes you back to a time just before reggae. Feelings are the very base of the foundation in the composition of the songs and feelings are taken in consideration with arrangement of tracks. The EP starts with "Rise and Shine Dub" to softly uplift the spirit of the listener. The direction given to Vuk Starinac was to "have it flow with positivity and shine love." The second track, Dubsteady, is placed there to continue the uprising vibe and steadily rock your mind, body and soul. The way Luis Caldera shreds the guitar, and the blend of Matt Giella on trumpet and Adrian Norén's piano is mind enhancing. The third track placement is to provide a jolt of energy. "Groovy Skank" is exactly what the title suggests; Luis will have you up grooving your body and skanking your feet! The fourth track, "Swagger On, Funkster" brings the energy down to a nice strolling pace that carries the vibe after listening.

Which song off of the EP is the most enjoyable for you to perform?

People really enjoy the song "Dubsteady" and it is nice to see them happy. "Groovy Skank" really gets people moving. However my personal favourite to perform is "Swagger On, Funkster" to watch people escape in the groove and the dub effects added to Bárbara Bolívar's flute.

What is your most profound influence when curating your pieces?

Having fun! Before starting to work on a new piece, I like to give the artists a pep talk conveying the energy to put into the work. I like to keep things stress free to keep it fun. Each song captures a bit of the souls from each musician. Feelings are transformed into the music, so it's vital to have fun! Personally I really enjoy the old Caribbean orchestrated sounds that lead to the rocksteady era; like John Buddy Williams, Don Drummond, Duke Reid, Prince Buster, The Folkes Brothers, The Jamaicans, Drumbago All Stars. Orchestrated sounds influenced the Dubsteady EP, but other pieces I produce range from ska and rocksteady to reggaeton and modern dancehall.

What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

Before the end of the year you might see some singles released by myself, DJ SpreadJoy, or from the Irie Stylers. However, I'll be preparing to host a Winter Thaw event and possibly a full album release early next year!

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