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DJ Ten and By An Ion Releases "Eternal"

Singer-songwriter and producer Alex Gonzales, otherwise known as By An Ion debuted his

EP “Violet Sky” with his friend Ray Aguilar. The EP was well received and is currently being

followed by their new album called “Paradox” which is set for release fall of 2019.

Delving into a futuristic sound of e-piano, “Eternal” immerses us into this dreamy and

celestial setting. In this track, By An Ion Teams up with DJ Ten who is a music producer and

founder of “New Retro Wave” an 80’s nostalgia Channel on Youtube that caters to 900k

subscribers. After collaborating on a previous song titled, “Senses”, the two received an

overwhelming amount of requests for another collaboration. The pair then came up with

“Eternal” which is the 2nd single from the DJ Ten album “We Dream Aloud!”. The vocals are

utterly ethereal and mysterious with the heightened reverb and punching beat. The sound is a

combination of solidly retro 80s synth and vibe with a new alternative sound ranging on the lines

of The neighbourhood. When listening, it will definitely bring you back to the 80s and fun nights

out in the town. “Eternal” will definitely be a song on your summer playlist!

Listen to "Eternal”" here and get to know more about DJ Ten and By An Ion below!

What inspires you to write and produce music?

Hard to explain because it feels like neurosis, an inner voice, an obsession, doubt, restlessness. In some way or another I’m on the move to trying to push the dial forward with my all projects. I often sing melodies in my head and record them on my phone or I simply jump on my computer to capture my thoughts. Lyrically I tend to gravitate towards what I’m experiencing in day to day life like beauty, shots of awe , spirituality and often the fear of being fully alive. 

What got you into producing music?

I’ve spent probably most of 2018 on the road touring as a live drummer for Julien K  and The New División. I played in UK, US amphitheater’s along the side of bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Bush. I’ve gotten a chance to really express myself as live musician and living that “childhood dream” if I may.  Drums for some reason always came to me as a second language , they’re the reason I’ve met all these great artists and producers, exposing me to producing music. No offense to my drummer community but at this point we all know most music now is created through computers. I didn’t want to be left behind so taught myself how to write my own music, find my voice , program drums , use synths , learn software etc. I learned that this would be the best way for me to interact with other artists. I wanted to be able to offer more than just playing drums. 

What was the inspiration behind “Eternal”?

I’m a reactive artist , this is why I love collaborating so much. It allows me to shed my skin and it presents the opportunity for me to react under a different light . DJ Ten brings a certain mood to my vocals , not sure if it’s his selections in sounds or arrangements. The lyrics are pretty clear , the song is about being unfaithful . A lot of songs are about Love or about heart break. Yet no one writes about being the cheater or the one battling through their inner demons of lust. 

Will you or would you like to collaborate with other producers in the future? 


What has been your biggest challenge in music so far?

Figuring out the puzzle, how the heck can I get more exposure. Yes, we make music from a personal place but we also want people to listen to it.

What's next for you?

By an ion will release a new album later this year. I’m really excited about it. 

You should expect more collaborations of course 

I’m going to keep my fingers crossed, I have a goal of putting together a band to perform By an Ion live. I’d love to book some tours.


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