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DL Down3r Lays it All Out on Latest Release "Suga Boom Boom, The Remixes"

The sound of energetic drums pounding grabs us down into DL Down3r's new hit "Suga Boom Boom (Remix)." Set to a dynamic wall of EDM synths and percussions, "Suga Boom Boom" speaks to an honest and forthcoming account of addiction in a courageous and soul sharing manner. Turning his life around full circle after leading a life he never wanted, DL Down3r focuses on fulfilling his life long dream of creating and performing music. After spending ten years behind bars, DL Down3r began recording his life stories, combing street poetry with music, which has resonated with so many other people.

The soundscape DL Down3r has created on "Suga Boom Boom" provides the listener a dance hall effect; you can't help but sway your hips along to. The lyrics, however, tell a story of addiction and redemption and that "dragon" DL Down3r was chasing was a way of life, riding the ups and downs of a life plagued by substance abuse. Gliding high above the downward spiral, DL Down3r highlights his path to redemption and his arrival on solid ground. His inspiring lyrics focus on overcoming his addictions and concentrating on an honest, fulfilling life. We love the positive messaging DL Down3r has embedded into his lyrics while providing an unfiltered view on his previous journeys through life.

Discover "Suga Boom Boom, The Remixes" here.



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