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Dmitry Wild Condemns Those Who Choose War Over Peace On “Sun Of A Gun”

Why must we be so quick to utilize violence?

With his signature bowler hat, larger-than-life musical persona, and electric and theatrical stage presence, Dmitry Wild has the enviable ability to captivate his audience in many different ways.

Having struggled to be accepted by non-immigrants in the U.S. due to his slight yet ever-present accent, Wild’s affinity for the arts led him to turn to music as a creative outlet. Also a talented poet, writer, and actor in addition to music, Dmitry Wild is one of the rare talents who can turn any project into gold, no matter the artistic medium.

Having well and truly grown into his own as an artist, Dmitry’s artistic visions are often complex and grandeur but are also able to connect with audiences on every level. In 2022, Wild would release his long-awaited full-length solo album “Electric Souls” to great acclaim.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he would follow this project up with another well-received collaboration with electronic artist Houses in Motion, showing his ability to shine solo and in collaboration. With his resolution to never compromise his artistic vision, Dmitry Wild has shown both the foresight to envision grand musical projects and the ability to see them to fruition.

If Wild’s artistic profile piqued your interest, look no further than his latest release, “Son Of A Gun,” to introduce you to his impressive catalog. Funky guitar and keyboards form the backbone of this release, while a steady drum anchors you to the soundscape Wild has created.

Although aspects of rock, blues, jazz, and more are evident on the track, Wilds melds them together masterfully. Although it would be easy for these influences to clash, Wild draws out the best in them, resulting in a smooth, easy release on the ears but still dynamic.

Dmitry Wild’s latest release, “Son Of A Gun,” is a fun, rollicking offering that’s sure to have you pumped up and boogying before you know it. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Dmitry Wild’s latest release, “Son Of A Gun," available now on all majour streaming platforms.


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