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DNyse Has Us Simmering Through Profound Emotions in 'Mixed Emotions Vol. 1'

Always leveling up with his musical techniques, DNyse is back to touch our souls with his highly anticipated EP, 'Mixed Emotions Vol. 1.'

The Toronto native has always managed to push forth his undeniable passion in an extravagant manner. With his musical influences ranging from Soul, Gospel, R&B, and Reggae music, he interlaces forceful temperaments for any occasion.

Encouraging us to kick off, “Mixed Emotions Vol. 1,” with a direct scope into the intrapersonal sentiments that bear a striking semblance to the heart he graciously wears on his sleeve, DNyse commences this five-track sonic expedition with, “The Worst Way.”

Seamlessly drifting us into a place where our heart trumps the thoughts in our mind, DNyse pours his soul into the lyrical offerings that he sweeps onto this canvas. Dabbling into the realm of Contemporary R&B as well as modern-day Hip-hop, the mid-tempo instrumentation has us feeling all types of ways as we take in the creamy timbres that DNyse is known for. Dipping right into the themes of needing someone in the worst way, DNyse has set the warm hues that heighten our senses.

The second song that we submit ourselves to on the EP happens to be the lead single creating major waves in the industry. “So Far Away,” was released with mesmerizing visuals that created a larger-than-life appeal towards the undeniable talents of DNyse as an artist and creative. Mid-tempo fusion has you gravitating towards the enthralling bop, as you sink into your seat and fixate yourself upon a storyline to die for. Expanding our minds with charismatic liveliness, the creativity exposed in this piece makes it well known as to why this is the lead single from this project and has you peering into the brilliant essence of DNyse’ persona.

As we reach, “Never Too Late,” the overflowing rhythm has us halting where we stand, and swaying to the compulsive reverberations that DNyse fluently exudes in his vocal performance. Buttery cadences have us swimming in the depths of DNyse’s vulnerability. Professing his love in a manner that fixates us upon the lyrical depth visible, we are no stranger to the gripping emotion that DNyse continues to bring to the table. What impresses us the most is the versatility that he exudes as he tackles different flavors while staying authentic to the unparalleled panache he serves to us on a platter.

Lush guitar chords swarm your speakers in an immersive contribution of infectious grooves. We’ve grasped the fourth song on 'Mixed Emotions Vol. 1,' titled “For Me.” Transitioning to the crooning ambiance of DNyse and his exemplary vocalization, the robust soundscape that is, “For Me,” has us out of our seats and moving to the up-tempo jive. Impeccably blending together Dancehall meets Hip-hop tremors, DNyse is in a league of his own as the top dog encompassing genre-bending aptitudes. The opulent rush of energy that overcomes your being when taking in “For Me,” reflects the quintessence of DNyse in an impenitent way.

Reaching the final masterpiece on the project, the fifth song “Make The Call,” slows down the tempo as we prepare ourselves for an unforgettable outro. With this record packing the most soul on the project, DNyse closes off this body of work with the sweet dreamscape of passion-filled poignancy.

DNyse is known for the mark that he makes on our hearts and our minds, that’s why the brilliantly placed tracklist has brought us to this very moment where we can clear our heads while opening our hearts as he pours his emotion out onto this intimate canvas of love and lust. Finalizing 'Mixed Emotions Vol. 1,' with capturing nostalgic R&B hues, we can say that this EP places DNyse in a territory he has yet to reach.

Congratulations on the release of, “SO FAR AWAY.” With such an imaginative concept, how did the inspiration for the music video come to be? Aside from the music itself the inspiration for this video came from me wanting to take a very relatable concept and create a theatrical and cinematic type of music video that people can attach themselves to. The nature of the song is this concept of reminiscing in a remorseful way and having all of these flashbacks as it relates to a past love interest so I guess I wanted to use this visual to truly capture those feelings and experiences. I’ve always had a knack for acting and deep love for great cinema, so I told myself that I wanted to use those gifts in my development and creative directing for a lot of my music videos. What was it like on the, “SO FAR AWAY,” set? Did your concept go exactly as planned? It was amazing, the whole shoot took about three days of work but honestly, I loved every moment of it. I love working with and around good energy because it makes the process even more enjoyable. These are the type of settings that you love to be in because there’s always going to be that natural chemistry and vibe that allows you to stay present and lets the ideas flow. Could you please take us into the creative process that you tackled when you wrote the lyrics to, “SO FAR AWAY?"

It came during a time when I was fresh up out of a relationship, I was getting used to not having that person there anymore and I think deep down there were things I truly missed. At that time I felt like I needed to do some reflecting & soul searching and the best way I knew how was through making tons of music. At the time I was bouncing ideas back and forth with my guy Greg "Markov", a super talented musician out of Toronto, and I had written this demo and sent it over to him and he was rocking with it so he added his sauce and took the record to that level where it needed to be. I guess at that moment I was finally finding my stride as a singer-songwriter and allowing myself to tap into being vulnerable and connecting with those raw emotions. So quite frankly it felt like I was on autopilot when I created it because my emotions were literally the source of the lyrics. I guess that's why this record is so relatable because people can connect and feel the deep genuine place it came from.

In your own words, what does this song mean to you and what would you like your listeners to take away from it?

I guess this is me letting people in which is something I rarely do and this song is just me finally admitting to this person that I miss their vibe. I think any listener can relate whether it be a good experience, a bad experience, or somewhere in between there's always gonna be things that won't be the same elsewhere. A lot of times you'll never catch that same vibe again, and here I am admitting that if things were in my control or the way I wanted them to be, that distance between the two of us would be much shorter. What can we expect to see next from you? I'm gearing up to release my first EP of 2021 entitled 'Mixed Emotions' which is going to be part one of the series or EPs I'll be releasing this year. It's going to feature both "So Far Away" & "Never Too Late" which are my two most recent singles. Alongside a few other visuals that I can't wait to share with you all.



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