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Do a Double Take with BAZ.M's "Evil Twin"

UK Glasgow-based Alternative Rock Artist BAZ.M sings with the passion of a man who has been to hell and back and survived with his spirit intact. The progressive mixture of his punk attitude, heavy rock guitar, and electronic textures has been steadily attracting attention.

With the release of his most recent single, “Evil Twin,” BAZ.M takes his talents to a new-found dimension of electric energy and sizzles that radiates from his prevailing vocal performance. Plunging into an eccentric soundscape that births an ominous foundation of looming synths and a boisterous persona bubbling to the surface of the depths it knows, we’re fully immersed in the broadminded artistry that has BAZ.M showcasing a gothic realm of divergent collocations.

“Evil Twin” simultaneously remains both buoyant and dark as the festering chimes of spontaneous whistles tune in and out of the composition to remind us that there is a mysterious side to BAZ.M we need to tap into. Dripping in a surge of heavy guitar licks, we’re intrigued by the stimulating raucousness that continues to pull us back to the unforgettable chorus. There is no denying the talents that BAZ.M holds as he raises the bar with his charismatic timbres.

Performing each word with a purpose, the harmonious elements that radiate from “Evil Twin” have us in awe of the complexity rising from the bellows of the shadowy lanes paved. It is no wonder that BAZ.M continues to lure listeners in with his experimental sound and illuminating charm, the two go hand in hand for his melodic compositions of pure genius.

Congratulations on the release of “Evil Twin.” This track just takes so many avenues of creativity, and we love it. What inspired the concept behind the lyrics of “Evil Twin?"

The title of my Upcoming Debut Solo Album is “Split.” When my youngest daughter became very ill then unfortunately died, a ripple of actions and reactions and outcomes on different areas of my life happened, in short, I now know I went into what they would call a ‘Split’ in my psyche as a defense mechanism, the darker shadow self took over or I let it take over I let anger take over self-destruction and addictions with no reasoning that this was to the detriment of myself and others, I had a reason to be like this ? and I didn’t question it at the time or for a long time following years till I started a realization of needed change. Facing those actions and consequent equal reactions, The tracks on my Album are a lyrical dictation a self-therapy of sorts. ‘Evil Twin ‘ is me honestly telling the story of my battle with my ‘Evil Twin’ that I became for too long, I seemed to enjoy some of his ways tho...

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process with us? What was it like bringing the energy in this song to life?

The whistles at the start being something that just came from me picturing my ‘Evil Twin’ as I went to lay down the vocals in the vocal booth. Out of nowhere, I started the whistles which reminded me he was still lurking nonchalantly waiting for his chance to get out again. So the first synth line and sound had to be his harsh abrupt and dark presence. I wanted to have the kick drum and ominous arp sound. The track itself delivers the chorus quickly bringing in my Punk attitude but also using that attitude to stand up a fight against my Evil Twin as the fight builds you can hear the reverse voices, and what I would say, arrogant lurking whistles of My Evil Twin battling hard to get thru ...and my frustrations with the fight.

What are you hoping your audience takes away from the heavy-hitting liveliness of this track?

Evil Twin is a tough song and I wanted the hard struggle and constant pounding to be true to the battle it can be for anyone similar to myself who has or had that battle on their hands it’s a rough constant ride and I empathize with those who have that similar battle. All of these tracks on the Album have been difficult for me to listen back to as I truly immersed myself in the pages the lyrics were taken from and the memories that have come back to me through the recording of the Album most of which again I didn’t remember at the time as I was in my ‘Split’ persona.

Are there any memorable moments from the minute you started writing this song to the day it was released that have shaped the launch experience of “Evil Twin” for you?

The Album has definitely been cathartic I made it for me and I hope through the Album the listeners may see they are not alone through some of the emotions portrayed. that life does deal s*it cards but it’s worth the fight through it’s not easy I know but you can claim your life back.

What's next for you?

I am currently preparing the release of the album as a whole piece of work for later this Year with tour announcements hopefully on the horizon. I'll be doing a video for Evil Twin as soon as the current situation allows.



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