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Doctor Yizzle Takes Us On A Journey With His New Single, "miserable!"

Doctor Yizzle brings us a brand new single that has our hearts open, and our souls healed as he talks about his experiences in his life and how those times were "miserable!" Born and raised in Korea Town of Los Angeles, California, Yizzle started creating music from the comfort of his own home. He seemed to grasp onto the piece quickly when he was introduced to listening to greats like Eminem, and as time went along, he grew more and more passionate about his craft. Yizzle is also a self-taught producer and engineer, so you can call him the complete package. He studied wordplay and kept practicing, and now he has accumulated over a million streams all over the internet and was featured on the Rolling Stones India and VoyageLA. He brings a soft, flowing mood that makes us feel valued and heard. He continually breaks barriers when creating as he crosses different genres and does it very well. We see many personal feelings attached, and the way he brings it across makes us excited to hear what he's released for us this time. Doctor Yizzle introduces us to his mood in "miserable!" with a beautiful instrumental with guitar elements that take us on a ride while he enters with his catchy, bold vocals. He mentions how someone hurt him and how horrible it felt in lyrics like "Tell me why I'm hurting all day" and "I don't wanna know you no more." His honest feelings make "miserable!" relatable and allow the listener to feel him through the music. As we continue, Doctor Yizzle surprises us with unexpected bars as he talks about how he grieves on his own and how sometimes his mind turns into a big dark cloud, which most of us can understand, "miserable!" allows us to feel no matter how painful. As he ends, the instrumental blends with his vocals as he flawlessly takes us out of this splendid record. Doctor Yizzle takes us on a soul journey with his new single, "miserable!" available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Doctor Yizzle. We are so excited to have you with us! We love the vibes "miserable!" brings. Please tell us what the creative process was like when creating it and why you chose the instrumental you did?

Thank you! Excited to be on here. The creative process when creating this song was quite an emotional experience. I don’t remember much because I tend to black out when creating songs, but from what I can remember, I mumbled most of the melody, and then I stepped away from it. Then came back to it months later. I asked myself, what is this song about? So I heard this guitar sample from this loop pack I got and the guitar captivated me. I thought it was an epic-sounding melody, and I wanted to fuse it with live rock drums with more of a fun bouncy drum line. I was imagining this sound being performed live, and I wanted to sing a melody that is easy for people to sing along to. That is why in the beginning of the song, it has the catchiest melody part of the song, in my opinion. I wanted the song to feel more like an experience to people rather than listening to my lyrics attentively. I freestyled most of this song and just allowed my mind to speak.

"miserable!" is a very emotional record. Tell us how you got so comfortable when recording it and what that experience was like?

I always want to be completely honest and vulnerable through my music as it is a reflection of my soul. I want people to be healed through it and create a feeling that other people are feeling. Know that you are never alone in any feeling you are feeling. Creating this song was truly a cathartic experience. I wanted to release everything, and you could hear that through my piercing vocals. And don’t worry, I am good now, haha.

As an artist who grew up listening to rap, who do you most take inspiration from and why?

Even though I grew up listening to rap, I take inspiration from every single genre. On the top of my head, the artists that inspire me are Kanye West, XXXTentacion, Nirvana, Kendrick Lamar, Etc. I listen to a plethora of artists, so the list of who inspires my music is endless. Oh! I got to say Eminem’s storytelling and his whole life story definitely inspired me deeply when I was a child listening to him.

What's the message you're delivering in "miserable!"

That we all have these thoughts in our heads. It is okay to allow yourself to feel. At the epitome of your body receiving overwhelming feelings at once, just let it out. Let your rage out. Let your sadness out. ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL EMOTIONS. You can still be strong while doing so. You won’t ever be deemed as “weak” as long as you stay true to yourself and your emotions.

What's next for you?

Creating more impactful music. I am going to do everything I set my mind out to do. Nothing will stop me. I want my music to heal people in ways that others cannot. I will only get better at making music and make a positive impact on this world.



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