Does Far From Holy Have “What It Takes”? We Think So!

Far From Holy has been working on his craft since 2015, heavily involved in the production and writing of his music. He is located outside of Philadelphia and has released two EPs in his time as a musician. Drawing influences from rock, dance music, and hip hop, Far From Holy has molded his sound and continues to evolve creatively as more music is released. His latest song, accompanied by a music video, gave us a taste of his artistry and allowed a glimpse into what Far From Holy is all about.

What It Takes” by Far From Holy is a quirky pump-up song that takes influence from electronic and hip-hop to produce a unique sound. The beat is lively and bright, leaving you feeling uplifted along with the motivating lyrics. It is this rhythm aspect of the song that makes the 90’s influences so apparent. The chorus is catchy and repetitive, emphasizing the inspiring vibe of the song and lyrics. Far From Holy uses simple melodies and background vocals to keep the focus on lyrics and the listener engaged from start to finish. Overall, “What It Takes” shows that Far From Holy has potential as a musician, and we are excited to see how he grows as an artist with his next releases.

Click here to listen to “What It Takes” by Far From Holy.

Hi there Far From Holy! Thank you so much for sharing your new song “What It Takes” with us at BuzzMusic. Could you give us an inside to what inspired the writing of this particular track?

I was inspired to write “What It Takes” during a major life change I was experiencing. The song features me displaying confidence & ability to persevere during difficult seasons in life, while still doing what I love - creating interesting artwork. 

We really enjoyed the different elements you brought in to create the sound of “What It Takes”, do you see yourself experimenting more with genres and sounds in the future?

In the future I see myself continuing to experiment with synthesizers, piano, & guitar to evolve Far From Holy’s sound. I enjoy creating alternative rock, experimental pop, EDM, & hip-hop. I am planning on releasing a new EP with a few music videos to accompany it. 

You mentioned that you started working on music seriously in 2015, what were you doing before then that led you down this path? Have you always been interested in a career in music?

Prior to 2015 I was a HUGE fan of live music. I‘ve been really influenced by 90’s alt-Rock, early 2000’s hip-hop, & Electronic Dance Music - Which is why I enjoy using synthesizers so much. 

Thank you for talking with us, Far From Holy! What do you have planned musically for the near future? Any upcoming performances?

When present at live shows, I had a burning desire in my heart to be on stage. Not for my own fame, but for the simple fact I wanted to influence people with my choice of music. Music that I enjoy creating & listening to with intentions my audience will enjoy it as much as I do.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Look out for a brand new Far From Holy EP & new music videos!